August 22, 2014

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My Train of Thoughts 10/25/12
Written by Verylnn   
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 8:38 PM

Everybody seems to be very interested in the “Go green” program and making it happen. So be it but as for me I have a more self-motivated theory and do everything I can to make it and our household a success.

When I think of going green, it sort of goes like this; as we all know, money is, you betcha, green. So to me this means that the less I spend, the more I can hope to keep for a smattering of creative comforts and what is needed to maintain our health and welfare. It ain’t like I wouldn't like to, it’s that if I zig when I should have zagged, the green that was won’t heal itself overnight. So I just try and get along and hope all the promises that are being made won’t be forgotten after all and some of the green is left to cripple along on.

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing family gathering round your table? Many of us are and then it’s on to Christmas. This year we have a brand new G-grandson, making a grand total of 10 grandchildren. That’s surely a thumbs up.