August 29, 2014

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Along the Winding Roads 11/8/12
Written by Martha Ackerman   
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:49 PM

Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to the people who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. What a tragedy! Daughter-in-law Kristyn’s mother and father live on the Jersey shore in Brielle. Didn’t hear it mentioned on the news but Kristyn said she saw a picture on Facebook where some of it was under water. Rose and Jim evacuated to Rose’s brothers’s home in northern New Jersey. We haven’t heard how their home fared. We pray it was spared. When you stop and think about how very much of one’s life is lost in water or fire, I can’t imagine the heartache. I’m sure the people on our riverfront can sympathize with the people who experienced Hurricane Sandy.

I think by the time the effects of the hurricane left us, we were all thinking “rain, rain go away.” The sun peeked out a little one day and I was thrilled. I stood in the sunroom and soaked up what I could. (It was still cold outside). It’s  kinda depressing to have rain and dreary days day after day.

We certainly enjoyed a wonderful visit with Steph, Curt and Chante` last month. Their visits are always way too short. Chante` has always been a slender little thing but she looks so cute with her little tummy. Her pregnancy is going well and she and her husband Daniel have been house hunting hoping to find something before Kayden arrives in February. Talked with her last week and they were going to look at a few houses. Haven’t heard if they saw anything they like. Grandpa Curt is ready to put a nursery in his and Grandma Steph’s house. I think Kayden is going to have some doting grandparents and of course, great-grandparents, too.