September 17, 2014

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New Beallsville Business Focused on Variety, Low Costs
Written by Darin Brown, General Manager   
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 1:12 PM

Leaving the stresses (and conveniences) of an urban area for the quiet, secluded community of Beallsville is a change that many may not be willing to make in their lives, especially a young couple. However, Jacob Scheiderer, a Beallsville native, and his wife Alida made that decision recently as they moved back to town and opened up the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce's newest business, The Club, Cafe! Grocery and General Store.

Just over three years ago, the couple's life was very different. The Scheiderer's were living in Jackson Township in the Canton/Akron area. Alida, who has a Master's Degree in teaching, was teaching at Canton McKinley High School. Jacob was working in point of sale support for Sterling Jewelers, a nation-wide Fortune 500 company that operates many of the country's larger jewelry chains.

Things began to change three years ago during the peak of the economic downturn. Alida was laid-off from her teaching position. Then, more recently, Jacob decided he wanted to have a job that allowed for a healthier lifestyle while allowing him opportunities to have more of an impact on the lives of others. Ultimately, the couple decided to move back to Jacob's hometown and open a business.

The creation of that planning is The Club, Cafe! Grocery and General Store. Jacob says of the couple's decision, “Basically, I wanted to do something that felt like it had more meaning to it, to come back to my home area and make a difference.” In planning for their new business, the Scheiderers made it a priority to build something that would benefit the area. When speaking to the young couple, it is evident that they are community-minded and want to be a service to the Beallsville community, first and foremost.

To best serve the community, The Club, Cafe! Grocery and General Store is based on three principles: 1. Offer necessities and other items close to home, 2. Offer those items at a reasonable price, and 3. Offer a variety of services/items. “We carry basically everything for affordable prices so you don't have to drive far to buy it,” Jacob said.

When it comes to being stocked with grocery and household needs, few businesses of its size could do what The Club, Cafe! can do. Though the building appears to be small, upon perusing the shelves, one quickly realizes that the store is loaded with items. Organized neatly and efficiently are shelves and industrial refrigerators/freezers full of items. The store carries dairy products, baking products, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, juice, snacks, etc. 



0 #1 2012-11-18 00:46
We are very proud of our son and his wife Alida. Not only do they want to come home to their hometown but also want to contribute themselves for the good of the neighborhood.

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