September 17, 2014

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Around the Burnside 11/22/12
Written by Denny Easterling   
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 8:37 PM

Life is not so short but there is always time enough for courtesy.

A pessimist sees less in anything; an optimist sees more in everything.

You just can’t seem to win. The election is over and the political ads are gone from the TV. What take their place? Christmas ads. They are moving Black Friday to Thanksgiving evening. I always thought the day after Thanksgiving was for eating left over turkey.

I thought it just great how the veterans and service members were honored on Veterans’ Day. Schools, towns, churches and other honored the veterans. Too often they are forgotten about and taken for granted. I was invited to two schools but was unable to attend either.

I did attend the program the American Legion has sponsored the last two years. Excellent is about all you can say about it. I do not pretend to know much about music. I do remember “FACE” and “Every Boy Does Fine” but I kind of forget what they mean. I think it has something to do with the lines and spaces in music.

I don’t know how you could get a better singing group than the combined St. Paul’s choir and the Monroe Singers. How good they are! I understand the Monroe Singers are having their Christmas program on Dec. 8 at St. Paul’s. If you want to listen to some excellent Christmas music, plan to attend.

What can you say about the Lazy River Dixie Land Band? These old boys can really toot their horns and beat the drums. They had just about everyone clapping their hands, stomping their feet and really enjoying their music. I almost got up when they played a couple or so songs I called square dances to years ago.