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A recognition ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 10 at the Woodsfield EMS building. Traveling from Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV was Dr. SoHyun Boo, who wanted to meet the emergency personnel who contributed to the saving of a patient’s life. 

Educators drill into young people the importance of reading. If you want to learn other things, you must learn to read first. A love for reading can lead to a lifetime of learning. Despite all that, it is difficult to get students excited about reading.

Superintendent’s Corner

Ohio compared to the other 49 States in College Affordability: 10th Population - 11,536,504; 34th size (total area) 44,824 (90 square miles); 10th population density (number of people per square mile of land area 282; 34th unemployment rate (March 2016) 4.9%; 33rd Income; 45th College Affordability. 

Pilot Fever

The Pilot Fever 4-H Club’s second meeting was held Tuesday, April 5th, and offices were elected. Our president is Kayden Jones and vice president is Jamie Smith. Secretary is Brittanie Chaney; treasurer is to be decided at our next meeting. Newsreporter is Kaitlyn Gump. Recreation leaders are Reese Hobbs and Ian Wohnhas.

Personal trauma training sessions set for May 24

The Monroe County Suicide Coalition and Empowering Care will offer training to anyone interested in learning more about dealing with personal trauma or helping others who have experienced trauma in their lives. This training will be offered  May 24 at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, located at 303 S. Main St, Woodsfield.  Training will be offered from 9 a.m.

The Beallsville High School Class of 1956 celebrates 60th anniversary

BHS Class of 1956 will be celebrating its 60th year anniversary at the Beallsville Alumni Banquet held May 28, 2016. They were the first class to receive diplomas in the new high school and are proud to be BHS Alumni. Pictured in the first row from left to right are Arthur Perkins, Don Phillips, Sylvia Erchak, Eleanor Williamson, Don Kinzy and Bill Davis.

Beware of IRS scam calls

A Beacon reader recently reported receiving a scam call from a person claiming to be calling from the IRS. Such calls are being received frequently in the region, and readers should be aware that the calls are indeed a scam.



Perhaps the most important business during the May 16 Monroe County Board of Commissioners meeting happened behind closed doors.


Saturday, May 28, 2016, is planned to be a memorable and fun-filled day for kids and their families at the Wayne National Forest Lamping Homestead Recreation Area.

Local Columnists

We’re quickly coming to that time of year when many parents are reminded of their age as their child graduates from either high school or college.