September 3, 2014

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Local Band "Continues The Music"
Written by Staff   
Wednesday, December 05, 2012 2:34 PM

For well over a decade, the first Saturday of every month was booked in advance for many citizens of Monroe County. A local venue had a reoccurring old country and bluegrass music night that provided free entertainment for citizens of all ages. This music night continued to gain more and more popularity throughout Monroe County and the surrounding areas. However, due to circumstances, this venue cancelled their music show recently.

Audiences who were truly devoted to these music shows were left with a void, and the outcry to “continue the music” continued to gain momentum. A local band took this call and has attempted to make it a reality. Jacie Binegar, a member of the band Rockin’ River, has started a music show simply called “Continue the Music”. This event is held the first Saturday of every month at the Midway Community Center. “We wanted to give the citizens of Monroe County a place to enjoy family friendly entertainment that is relatively inexpensive,” states Jacie Binegar. “We had heard from countless citizens about how they missed the music, and we wanted to do our part.”

This show is totally funded by Jacie and Fred Binegar of Antioch. Jacie and Fred rent the building from Midway, and this event does not act as a fundraiser for Midway. All the sound equipment is provided by Rockin’ River and Dave Ivey of Hi-Fi Entertainment. “All money collected at the event simply rolls over and goes to cover the expenses of food and equipment for the event, and the rent of the building,” states Jacie Binegar. “We take a risk from month to month, but so far we have been able to cover our expenses.” Midway Community Center has been a perfect location for these events, providing a state-certified kitchen, a handicapped accessible location, and a beautiful stage and building that works perfectly for this type of event.


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