August 22, 2014

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Your Right to Know 12/13/12
Written by Staff   
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 9:25 PM


Terri Ann Pyles to John V. Pyles, 4.503 ac., Lot 77, M & M Nesbitt Addition, Lee Twp. vacated alley, Sardis.

Terri Ann Pyles to John V. Pylers, .3809 ac., Lee Twp. Larry D. and Clarice L. Byer to Larry D. Byer, et al 78.57 acres,  Benton Twp.

Twila Plas and David Frye to Frye-Plas LLC, 40.97 acres, Salem Twp.

Emil Jr. and Shirley J. Girard to Emil Girard Jr. Trustee and Shirley Jean Girard Trustee, 45 acres, Seneca Twp.

Carolyn M. Love aka Carolyn Mae Love and Cynthia K. Williams POA to Whitacre Enterprises Inc., 26.081 acres, Wayne Twp.

Dolly Pittman, et al, to Jack and Esther Riley, 19 acres, Sunsbury Twp.

Patricia Singer to George M. Zwick, 6.506 acres, Franklin Twp.

Bryan M. Long to Teresa L. Long, 10.010 acres, Franklin Twp.

Carolyn M. Love aka Carolyn Mae Love and Lewis W. Wilson to April A. Wilson, 1.340 acres, Wayne Twp.

Melanie C. Parks and Martha J. Hackathorn to Donald L. Hackathorn, 12.020 acres, Ohio Twp.

Kenneth L. Tenney Jr. and Wendy S. Wagner to Kenneth L. Tenney, Jr., 3.003 acres, Switzerland Twp.

Pamela J. Sheiffer, et al, to Three Sisters Energy LLC, 72 acres, Salem Twp.

Hupp O&G LLC to Whitacre Enterprises Inc., 20.9215 acres, Washington Twp.

Glenn R. Smith to Redgate Tree Farm LLC, 100.440 acres, Green Twp.

Tara R. and Chris Green to Barbara Ruckman, 73.259 acres, Ohio Twp.

Mary S. Howell to Robert William and Lisa K. Stack, 79.763 acres, Switzerland Twp.

James Yontz dba Yontz Oil and Gas LLC, 40.450 acres, Mineral Deed.

Thomas C. Dick to Corey Bott, Pt. Lot 33, Summit Twp., Lewisville.

Kenneth Scot and Deborah S. Seebach to Corey N. Bott, Pt. Lot 35 and Lot 12, Summit Twp., Lewisville.

Connie R. Majors to Phillip S. Colvin, Lot 25, Fairground Addition, Woodsfield.

Joseph D. Troyer, et al to J & D Land Group Ltd., 78.486 acres, Switzerland Twp.

Nelson E. and Carol K. Ward to Dennis R. and Christina L. Ward 14.506 acres, Malaga Twp.


Kathy S. Knowlton, Woodsfield, vs. Gary Darby,  Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Susan K. Hughes, Woodsfield, vs. Donald T. Hughes, Enoree, NC, divorce.

Bbu Services, Inc. vs. Appalachain Oilfield Svcs LLC, other civil.

Richard B. Case vs. Unknown heirs of Lizzie Patterson, other civil - Quiet Title.

Woodsfield Savings Bank vs. Carl E. Whitacre, other civil.