September 17, 2014

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Around the Burnside 12/13/12
Written by Denny Easterling   
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 9:27 PM

Don’t be discouraged; it may be the last key that opens the door.

Good character, like good soup, is usually homemade.

I finally made it! I got to attend the first boys’ basketball game in the new Monroe Central gym. This year’s team can say “We won the first game played in our gym.”

I heard many fans say, “It’s about time”, and it is. I did have a chance to nib around just a tink and all I could think of was wow!! If it isn’t first class, I don’t know what is.

I do have one little thing and it was due to the years I’ve been around. An excellent crowd and the place was jammed. We were a bit late and took a seat on the front row. I found out right away the top of the seat was not far off the floor. This caused the old man to stretch some muscles that hadn’t been stretched recently. This caused them to pain a bit. Actually hurt to be truthful. The next game I attend, I’ll find a place to sit a little higher off the floor. I guess all of this is because of the”Golden Age” or so they say.

The game was something else. The reserve game was back and forth and kind of rough as you might expect in the first reserve game. The Noles were winners.

The varsity game continued much of the same except maybe a bit rougher. I’d almost bet ten seconds would be a long time between shots or maybe a foul.