September 15, 2014

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My Train of Thoughts 1/10/13
Written by Verylnn   
Wednesday, January 09, 2013 9:29 PM

Thursday, January 3, 2013. Believe this? Today I enjoyed taking a three hour nap! I’ve decided that women who have for the most part been stay-at-home wives, mothers and grandmas have it in their rights to be retired as do the men in our families. Well, it’s only been two days, but I love it! I haven't quit my position as lady of the manor. I just am, in a manner of speaking, allowing myself to slack off every so often and read, write, crochet or just stare into space with my feet propped up as the men do!

A few years ago I set a batch of tulips in the ground the week before Christmas. They have done well in spite of the late start. Coming across some very healthy and beautiful ones the week before Christmas this year, I couldn’t resist. Each of the daughters-in-law were gifted with a couple of dozen or so. Did I buy myself a few? You’d better betcha! As soon as we get a little break in the beautiful white stuff, I’m boring some holes to stick my share in, covering then with soil and a warm hay blanket, and dreaming of a bed covered with great looking red beauties. Can’t a girl dream?