September 1, 2014

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Jackson's Not To Be Demolished
Written by Bridget Smith, Staff Writer   
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 2:31 PM

Anyone driving down South Main Street past the old Jackson’s store recently, may have noticed yellow caution tape streaming around the building and workers bustling in and out. Upon closer inspection, the roof is completely gone and it looks as if the building may be facing demolition. Despite appearances, there is no current plan to demolish the building.

The former general store was recently purchased by Lynn and Karena Reusser, who wants to save the Woodsfield landmark. Karena  said new materials had been ordered to replace the roof, which had decayed significantly.

Fond memories of Jackson’s have played a part in saving the building. Karena reminisced about going to Jackson’s for ice cream and candy. “My eating habits became much better when the store closed.” quipped Karena. “Everyone has good memories of Jackson’s.”

The building itself has housed many different businesses over the years. When former owners Bill and Shirley Jackson bought the building in 1985, it was an auto parts store. Other businesses that occupied the building were Ault’s Tire Shop, Elmer Vessel’s Appliance Store, Saffel’s Chocolates, Charlie Keevert’s Grocery Store, and Cigar Manufacturing Company in the early 1900’s.  


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