September 17, 2014

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New Powhatan Elementary School Nearing Completion
Written by Darin Brown, General Manager   
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 4:21 PM


The Beacon was fortunate to take a private tour of the new Powhatan Elementary on Friday, Feb. 1. Leading the tour was SOLSD board president Ron Winkler and Powhatan Elementary principal Curtis Wisvari.

When entering the school on the first level, it is obvious that construction is still ongoing. Plywood still lines the floor where stained concrete finishing will soon be installed. The ceiling grid is not yet in, and the wiring and duct work is still visible. Individual classrooms on the first level are still basically shells with no flooring or fixtures installed.

However, when one goes into the second floor of the structure, the building looks nearly finished. Carpet tiles, fixtures, and lockers are all installed on the second story. Baseboard was being installed in most rooms.

While the first floor may look like it has a long way to go, finishing work is beginning and will move at a quick pace. The school has a projected opening date of the second week of March.

As far as the design of the building, the initial thing one notices is the two-wing design. When entering the building, the right side of the structure is made up of offices and classrooms only. The left side includes the cafeteria, kitchen, stage and gymnasium. Taking advantage of the two-wing design, gates have been installed to close off the academic wing to the public d uring sporting events.

The gymnasium of the new building, like so many of the other schools, includes artwork by Scott Hagan. The artwork was paid for by the Powhatan alumni association. Principal Wisvari said the PTO is also planning on funding more artwork such as striping and feathers for vacant areas on the wall. Other features of the gym include a divider curtain so both halves can be used simultaneously and mechanically adjustable rims to bring them down to age-appropriate heights.

Moving into the academic side of the building, the first area toured was the office area. Highlighting the space are two rooms which were not available at the old school: a detention area and a conference room. The in-school detention room was designed with a lot of thought. The room has windows on both interior walls allowing the students to be monitored from the principal's office and another office. While simple in form, the conference room is a much needed addition. “Having a conference area is great for confidential conversations such as IEP meetings,” Wisvari said.

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