September 2, 2014

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Alleged Sexual Assault in Woodsfield
Written by Staff   
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 4:29 PM

A young Woodsfield woman reported to Woodsfield Police on Jan. 28 that she had been sexually assaulted. According to the woman, who has not been named, the sexual assault took place around 6:30 a.m. at her residence in Woodsfield.

The woman said her door was not locked, and a man was able to enter the home as she was in the shower. Upon exiting the bathroom, the woman was confronted by the suspect. The man allegedly grabbed her and that was when the sexual assault took place according to the victim.

Woodsfield Police Chief Chuck Hamilton said of what happened next, “She was able to push the suspect away. She then ran to her bedroom and retrieved a .410 shotgun.” The woman then said the suspect then fled on foot. 



+1 #1 John Dunn 2013-02-06 17:51
Yet according to our political class firearms in the hands of individuals serve no useful purpose. For every mad dog committing violence and mayhem with a gun there are many stories like this one, where a gun saved someone from a violent act. These stories go largely unreported as they don't fit the agenda of the elites.
My only regret is that the woman didn't shoot the ALLEGED perp. There would be one less scumbag running around victimizing women. Ladies get a gun, it is for your own good and the good of your loved ones.

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