September 2, 2014

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Rinard Mills 2/7/13
Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 9:25 PM

Remembering Mom: Mildred Pauline Barnhouse Dye, born Nov. 1, 1916, died Feb. 7, 2008.

Groundhog Day is past, but heard a Canadian name of Warden Willy. Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras is French for let the good times roll ‘laissez les bons temps rouler’ before Ash Wednesday this Feb. 13. Louisiana is the only state where Mardi Gras is a legal holiday. Feb. 16 is do a grouch a favor day!

Then comes sweetest day, Valentine Day, Feb. 14, and it is great to have an early January singing valentine by none other than the writer friend of the Beacon. The song went like this, “Oh my sweetheart, the man in the moon, I’m going to marry him soon and behind some dark cloud where no one is allowed, I’ll make love to the Man in the Moon.”

The lazy snow of January 26 always reminds me of the nursery rhyme of Mother Goose shaking her feather bed.

As Dale and NJ travel #26 a couple times a week, we view familiar scenes, seeing turkey, deer and one sighting of a bobcat. One mile traveled in Monroe County and we are into Washington County. The historical Mt. Vernon CU Church sits on the bank overlooking the Little Muskingum River. When Little Muskingum Creek joins Clear Fork at the Knowlton  Covered Bridge it then is called a river. On to the Edwards Narrows, where this 2013, the ice hangs from the huge rocks that in NJ’s childhood meant home-made ice cream. Looking up you can see the broken old trees crossing the hollows with snow covering the top. Makes you think of ‘foxfire’ where you kick an old log and it glows. On to Bloomfield that once was called Flint’s Mill. Climb over the hilltop and down, here is the beautiful valley with the Baptist (Temple) Church and the Tice Cemetery. Go past the Rinard Covered Bridge to Winget Run that was once Scot Town.