The numbers for third quarter horizontal well production are in, and Monroe County has established itself as a prodigious natural gas producer. The statistics are being noticed in the industry, and some are pointing to even bigger than expected things for the county’s future. 

Monroe Central head football coach Jay Circosta recently added yet another accolade to his illustrious career after being named Ohio co-coach of the year in division VI. The honor comes after a season in which the Seminoles only had two regular season losses (both to undefeated teams) and made the playoffs. 

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department will get a boost for its K-9 unit after receiving a $2,500 donation from Blue Racer Midstream and Cayman Energy II.

Exploring Your Heritage 12/18/14

Genealogists have a strategy to crack open family mysteries. One strategy is FAN (family, associates, neighbors). In order to learn more about Susanna Williams Hayes’s  family, it is important to look at the people in her life.  For many who are just starting out in genealogy, it appears easy.

Everyday Leadership 12/18/14

It was three months before my 19th birthday and I had been working through the summer of 1972 for my father as a laborer on a residential construction projects.  I assisted the carpenters wherever needed from digging the footer to final touches of varnishing and installing baseboards inside.  One day my father, who was a science and industrial arts teacher, correcte

Brown's Beacon Beat 12/18/14

I really have to mention something that is probably on a lot of people’s minds who have traveled outside of the county recently. As a disclaimer, please understand this is not a hit on any businesses. I don’t understand their business conditions or what causes their pricing to be what it is.

A Second Look 12/18/14

60 Years Ago - 1954

Their attatck functioning smoothly in the second half, Lewisville dropped host Graysville, 62-46, Friday night. Dick Lumbatis meshed 24 to pace the winners, while Antill of Graysville made 17.

My Train of Thoughts 12/18/14

If wishes were horses, it would surely stack up to a big feed bill. I guess it’s to be expected, but every once in awhile it wouldn’t be too big a disappointment if they stretched out in the sun and slept through lunch, Jessie does but she cuts her time down to cat naps. She is a savvy old girl and I guess it takes one to know one.

Rinard Mills 12/18/14

Christmas Greetings. Time to read Henry Van Dyke’s The Story of the Other Wise Man. Childhood memories in Rinard Mills, the year was 1944. Santa had visited early evening for Roger and NJ that Christmas Eve and NJ was sure she saw Santa and his sleigh go over the top of the hill back of Herman Rinard’s house.