August 21, 2014

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Around the Burnside 2/21/13
Written by Denny Easterling   
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 5:27 PM


One reason you can’t take it with you is that it goes before you do. There’s always a little boy in the old man gone fishing.

Did you make it through the exciting Super Bowl okay? I can’t understand or believe how much time I wasted watching something I really don’t care a lot about. I’m not a fan of pro football. I know the Browns and Bengals and that’s about it. I haven’t latched on to a pro team like the Buckeyes.

A writer in the Times Leader asks all the football coaches and those fellows that work with sports to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. Guess what? A large majority did not pick a winner; they went for the 49ers. Our Jay picked correctly. To be honest, I picked the 49ers due to the junk I heard before the game. I really didn’t care which team won.

I understand a power outage stopped the game for awhile. Guess what? I was not aware of the outage as I slept through it and knew nothing about it. Shows how interested I was. It also gave the commentators something to talk about. I wonder how many times they told their listeners there was a black out?

ABC really rolled out the experts for pregame. I had it on but paid little attention. In fact, I pay a little attention to what they say. I guess some do. I’d just enjoy watching the band show instead of listening to the gab.

Something new for me. The other evening I came to the supper table. There was a pan with what looked like pieces of light rope. I was informed they were deep fried green beans. I didn’t think I needed green beans in that shape. I kept hearing how good they were. I had indicated I didn’t want to eat them. I finally tried one to keep you know who happy. Guess what? They were good eating. By the time supper was over, all of those little ropes were gone. I guess deep frying improves some food. I haven’t had a deep fried pickle for a long time. I guess I’ll have to settle for green beans.

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