September 16, 2014

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Baseball is Here, and I'm Paying Attention PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darin Brown, Web Administrator   
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 3:40 PM

Baseball season is officially here and in full-swing!

I do realize the high school season is over already, but as far as the pros go, they're just now getting into their rhythm. I have always loved baseball, and it's definitely my favorite sport. But, in the last few years, I have slightly lost touch with the pro game.

I realized when watching a few highlights recently that I don't know a lot of the players. When I was a kid, I knew them all (I was helped by collecting baseball cards). When I was in high school and into my early college years, I knew most of them. Now, I don't know half of them. I realized how bad it had gotten when I watched the movie Moneyball (about Billy Beane and the Oakland A's...great movie by the way) and recognized every baseball player they mentioned from 2001/2002 and couldn't even name a player on the A's current roster.

I have made an effort to get back to my high level of baseball knowledge. I have been watching the MLB Network every morning. I watch ESPN some, but it has become a joke. I mean seriously, no disrespect to soccer fans (which I am not), but why in the world is ESPN running Spanish league and Mexican league and British league soccer highlights all of the time?!  I know their soccer leagues are at a higher level than MLS, but how many people in the U.S. are actually fans of some team from some town in Mexico they've never heard of? Of course, I know why they're running the highlights, because they got the rights to some of those leagues, and they have a monopoly in sports entertainment, so they're going to shove it down your throat until you watch it, by golly!  Anyway, that's it for that tangent/rant...

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Moving is Fun! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darin Brown, Web Administrator   
Friday, March 30, 2012 8:19 PM

For those of you who have followed my blog, you know that my wife, Laura, and I have been in the process of building a house over the past two years.  It has been a long process, and we have done the vast majority on our own (with our dads' and others' help).  Well, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and, in the most technical sense, we're already living in it.

For the past few nights (minus last night when we stayed at my in-laws after attending a funeral viewing up their way) we have actually slept in our house!  We have "lived" there with varying degrees of success so far. After the first night, we had to go to my parents to take our showers because we had forgotten to buy a shower curtain.  After the second night, we forgot our toothbrushes and had to stop by to brush our teeth. After the third night, even though I was bordering on the hobo/bum look for lack of shaving, I made sure I went straight to work without stopping there.  It was the first night/morning combo spent in our new house!  After the fourth night, I still hadn't remembered my razor, so I used Laura's razor in the morning with some soap for make-shift shaving cream. I actually got no razor burn despite the lack of shaving cream...must've been those foofy, girly add-ons on the razor. It felt pretty nice, but, by golly, I'm a man, and I can take a bit of razor burn now and then!

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The Trip That Would Never End PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darin Brown, Web Administrator   
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 7:44 PM

For those of you who were awakened by the clamorous storm we had Sunday night/Monday morning, you know how bad it was.  I was told by EMA Coordinator Phil Keevert that Monroe County got 2 inches of rain within an hour.  All over the area, roads were washed out, and many people got hail.  Fortunately, the storm hit around three in the morning, so most people were in the comfort and protection of their homes.  But, imagine if you were driving in that storm.  Well, Laura and I didn't have to imagine, we were right in the heart of it a few hours before it hit here.

After church services on Sunday morning, Laura and I had to take a trip to Ashley, OH (just north of Columbus).  Laura's friend is getting married this June, and Laura is a bridesmaid.  Since Laura's friend and this other bridesmaid live over in Columbus, Laura had to travel up to get invitations and other such things ready for the bridal shower.

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A Story From the Past PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darin Brown, Web Administrator   
Thursday, March 15, 2012 12:45 PM

Those six or so of you who read my blog will notice that I haven't written much lately.  During these long gaps between writing, it comes to my mind that I need to write a new entry.  I think if I get a slow time that I'll write something, but then that slow time comes and goes and I haven't written anything because I couldn't come up with anything to write. Looking at Martha's column and Denny Easterling's column in the paper, I wonder how in the world they both think of something to write about every week. As you know if you read Martha's column, she often talks about her grandchildren and the workings of the newspaper. Since I have no grandchildren (or children yet), and since she's already talking about what's going on at the paper, I can't really do what she's doing. Then I looked at Denny's column, and I realized that his article is based upon decades of life experiences. He recalls things that happened when he was a child and when times were much more innocent than they are today.  Obviously, since I'm not yet 30, I can't recall on such experiences.  However, my grandpa can recall such experiences, so I decided to occasionally throw in stories from his younger days.  I'm sure they are much more interesting than my childhood stories from the late 80's and early 90's.

My grandpa grew up just down the hill from Stafford in the 30's. At the time (another child was born later), he was an only child. His dad worked in the coal mine, and it certainly wasn't like the coal mines today. Basically it was a hand dug hole in the ground that snaked back into the hillside. His dad worked long hours, and most of my grandpa's day was spent alone with his mother. According to grandpa, things weren't as rosy as people imagine. Monroe County/Noble County (he lived right on the county line) was a rough and tumble place then. He has told me multiple stories about the characters they faced.  One such story that stands out is when the gypsies came to town.

Crazy Days PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darin Brown, Web Administrator   
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:59 PM

I apologize for not writing for so long. There have been some crazy days here at the Beacon. Martha was fortunate enough to be on vacation the latter part of the third week of February and the beginning part of the last week of February. While I got a lot of help from the staff here, I had to do nearly twice as much work as usual while she was gone. That gave me little time for things like, hmmmmm....writing my blog for example.

It's funny how, even if they don't see her on a daily basis, everyone realized Martha was not here. People were commenting that they hadn't seen her car parked behind the Beacon. Instead, they were presented with my old, rough, quickly heading towards a scrap yard, car. I have a '92 Eagle Talon which still runs good but doesn't look the best.

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