September 17, 2014

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Around the Burnside

Around the Burnside 8/28/09 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denny Easterling   
Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:47 AM

[Editor’s Note: Due to the fair and a death in the family, Becky Highman was unable to submit “Around the Table” Talk this week. Her column will return in two weeks as normal. As a treat to his long-time fans, we have placed a Denny Easterling column about the fair from five years ago.]

An honest witness tells the truth; a false witness tells lies.

Some people make cutting remarks, but words of the wise bring healing.

The County Fair is over for another year. The Gospel sing started things off on Sunday evening. Personally I felt this was one of the best ever. It was moved from the grandstand to the tent behind the grandstand. I wondered at first if this was wise; however, hearing the choirs sing and watching how folks were enjoying and singing along, I changed my mind.

We really have a lot of good musical talent in Monroe County. I think only one or two, if that, were in favor of going back to the grandstand. It might be well if you plan to attend next year and if you arrive just as it starts, bring a chair.

As I understand it, the reason for the move to the tent was the lack of a handicap ramp into the grandstand. Good reason. Some of us are not able to run up and down steps as we used to do. A ramp would be very helpful. It seems as if the show animals are well taken care of. Maybe it’s time to build a handicap ramp at the grandstand. I’m surprised the EPA hasn’t done something about it before now.

After thought. How come we can only fill a large tent for a gospel sing but load a grandstand plus bleachers to watch fellows and gals smash together a bunch of old cars?

This year was the only Jr. Fair Parade I can remember that Betty Ward did not lead the parade. I was disappointed and probably there was a good reason.

As is the case sometimes the PA system was not working as it should have been to start the parade. I think this has been a problem several times. Maybe a good test ahead of time might help. Even at this I heard several folks complain they couldn't hear what was going on. I think perhaps folks visiting in the stands during the announcements may be part of the problem.

Around The Burnside (From Jan. 1, 2009) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denny Easterling   
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 2:18 PM

[Editor’s note: Due to confusion of the holiday deadlines, the normal column by Teresa Cook was not received on-time. Following is a column from the late Denny Easterling, written five years ago this week.]

If you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably don’t have any sense at all.

A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you are in deep water.

Well, what do you know? Eight reindeer and Santa with a Ho-Ho-Ho. Did you hear them or maybe see them? I thought the other night he landed at our house. On closer inspection, the next day I found out it was only the wind which was strong enough to blow over our barbeque grill on our deck.

Here it is, the last few hours of 2008. What a year. Doesn’t sound too good heading into 2009. The news media does not seem to let us know any of the good things that have happened. Last week’s Beacon’s front page had a number of good things that have been going on in Monroe County.

When I looked at the picture of the junior high students, who brought in items for gift boxes to be given to the Secret Santa program, I could not help but think. If these students can cooperate and bring in over five times the number of items expected, why can’t the adults in the county cooperate for the total county in addition to their own areas? Maybe the schools could do something together and call it the Switzerland of Ohio Schools. Might be a start; remember the county band?

Dec. 31, time to party. I remember seeing a picture of an old man with a scythe over his shoulder and a baby wearing a sash with the new year printed on it.

If you plan to party, please do not party in such a way that your head will be hurting the next day and wondering what happened. Remember: There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 a.m. It could be a right number.

Our plans for celebrating New Year’s Eve will be the same as the last several years. Sitting in the easy chair, watching and listening to big time singers sing songs that I cannot understand, waiting for the big ball to drop. I normally have to wake up you know who so she can share in the excitement. That’s about it except I might crack a can of Mountain Dew, if I can get Esther to get it for me.

One of the nicest gifts I got this year was getting to hold and rock our little great-grandson to sleep. Nothing better than a rocking chair and a child to rock. If there is, I don’t know what it would be.

Needless to say, Dad did not like that “store” bought butter. One morning Mom filled the churn and sent me to the basement to churn. Dad wanted me to do something and found I was turning the churn and didn’t bother me.

"Around the Table" Talk 12/12/13 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Becky Highman   
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:56 AM

Good Morning. It’s that time again; just pull out a chair and let’s have a “Table Talk Chat”.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and ate lots of turkey  and pumpkin pie, both my favorites, with a little bit of dressing, mashed potatoes, noodles, and cranberry salad, and, of course, sweet potatoes, and lima beans on the side. Then, of course, after dinner is over we all have a few moments of being in a “Turkey Coma”, but that is Thanksgiving.

As I begin to write my column deer season is still going on here in Monroe County, and several have gotten some really nice deer. Some haven’t seen the “BIG BUCK” that they are waiting for, and some just haven’t seen much of any thing worthy of a good shot. I was telling Dustin and Mason I can remember when Monroe Co. didn’t have many deer at all. I remember my dad telling that the first deer he ever shot here in our county was on December 18, 1953, the day I was one-year old (now, I’m telling my age). Our neighbor lady Hazel Dougherty had never seen a deer close to her home and she and her husband Herman came to our house to see what a deer looked like up close. I have pictures of  Dad  and me on my first birthday posed with the deer shot on “C” Ridge (Conner Ridge).

I woke up the first day of deer season wondering if Heaven had a deer season. If it does, I know the first one  standing at the gate ready to go. Oh, what precious memories. My dad hunted when there were no CBs or cell phones or communication to the hunters in the woods, but Dad along with God  made it home safe after every hunt. I remember Mom would watch  as the sky began to turn to dusk and watch out the kitchen window to see him coming walking down the road. Then she would fold her hands in the prayer position and thank God for another safe hunting day. Dad along with my uncle Clesson Love and Harry Day would travel to the southern counties of Ohio and rent a cabin. These three men would  hunt for a week at a time. They would come home with enough meat for a year for all three families. Believe me, Duck Dynasty and their families have nothing on me, only fame and fortune. I grew up on plenty of wild meat off the land.

Have you noticed the stars hanging in the sky? They are so beautiful; I am a star gazer and really enjoy looking toward the Heavens and watching the sky. If you have the time take a moment and step outside and take a look at the unwrapped gifts that He has provided for us this time of the year.

Around the Burnside (From March 7, 2013) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denny Easterling   
Thursday, September 05, 2013 11:59 AM

Editor’s Note

For the past few months since Denny passed away on March 3, the Beacon has been publishing some of his old favorites. While many of our readers would enjoy if we did this indefinitely, that will not be the case.

This is the last time a Denny Easterling column will be placed in the Beacon. This is the very last column he wrote, originally published on March 7 of this year.

As previously stated, we will miss his story-telling, but he continues to live on through his stories.

This and That: Did you know the Ohio legislators start every session with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance which includes the words “under God”? Isn’t this a good way to start a meeting? It’s outlawed in our schools by a few.

I hope you know what has happened in Lewisville. If you don’t know it might be worth it to take a little trip and look it over.

We now have a general store. The hardware was remodeled and renamed a general. I haven’t been able to look it over but I assume calling it a general store it would offer more and different items than your regular hardware. A step forward. We haven’t had a store of any kind in Lewisville for a number of years. In fact, the last store, except the hardware, is now a parking lot.

I missed one thing about the Super Bowl this year. I usually read or hear an estimate of bottles of beer consumed. I don’t know but I’ll bet it would fill several semi trucks. Probably beats New Years.

Here it’s almost March and I’m not sure of the ground hogs  prediction. Did he or didn’t he see his shadow? I never heard, so I guess we’ll have six more weeks of winter anyway. I think we only have about 3 weeks to go until good weather. Who am I trying to fool?

Around the Burnside (From 8/31/91) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denny Easterling   
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 7:34 PM

This article is a reprint from the August 31, 1991 edition of the Spirit of Democracy. The articles in the next few weeks will be taken from Denny's favorites.

The county fair is over and school starts today and everything is back to normal again, or is it? Everyone seems to be saying its going to be an interesting year. I’m not sure what this statement means. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Now that the fair is over, we can get back to our regular eating habits. I like fair food. In fact, this is one of the things I like about the fair. It is for the most part over-priced (more later), greasy and high in everything we shouldn’t eat, but it is good.

For years, I was tempted  by the hot sausage sandwiches. You know, the ones that have all the meat, onions and other vegetables laying around in grease for who knows how long. Every time you walked near the stand, the aroma would roll your stomach, and a little voice would say “Buy one and tickle your taste buds.” Really a temptation for years because I’m not a lover of hot, spicy food.

While attending the Harrison County fair several years ago, I could resist the temptation no longer. Did it ever look good with all the greasy onions and on top of the sausage? My taste buds came to life with a bang. I thought I had taken a bite of fire. It didn’t take long for me to discover I had purchased a mistake. It started burning the inside of my mouth and not from the heat...I finished off the hot sausage sandwich along with a gallon of pop.