July 31, 2014

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My Train of Thoughts

My Train of Thoughts 7/24/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Verylnn   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:44 PM

My thoughts and prayers go out to Hilda Pittman Blackstone this morning and to the days ahead. The passing of her husband Dale will be both a hardship on her heart and mind as she faces the loss of her loved one and gets settled into the adjustments that she’ll be called upon to make. God Bless and keep you, Hilda, and may you and your family remain close.

This day has a lot of chores and needs to be met here and around our home but I guess I’ll make do with what comes first and foremost and spend as much time as possible just getting to enjoy several cups of tea. We’ll see.

Although the morning glories are not what I’d call a bumper crop, they are, indeed, a sight for sore eyes as they continue to make a start at twining around both their supports and my heart. You grow!

If I don’t get back to  cookin’ and start bakin’ and not avoid makin’ messes, I’m gonna forget who I was and start given my microwave “Top Honors” and the place of the most relied on machine next to the washer and dryer in my life. Do I care? Heck no! I’ve just about got our needs and Jim’s wants in their proper perspectives and I’ll soon be movin’ on down in another size range. Now, that’s a challenge not to be ignored.

My Train of Thoughts 6/26/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Verylnn   
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 11:57 AM

It’s two in the morning and here I am, running to catch up. That’s become a pattern here at yesteryear. Just me and “Law and Order”,  along with a cup of Red Rose and plans for a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on. We’ll see.

It’s beginning to look a little like local veggies can be carried home and enjoyable at meals. We don’t have far to go to scout out the makings for salads and signs are appearing by roadside markets. For my part veggies and fruit make up my plate. Jim is allowed some meat and between the two of us, “We lick the platter clean!”

This could be called the year of the Hosta. Honestly everyone has a couple and more on the way. I never really was fond of them but they are “good for what ails you.” Have a bare spot, need some cover-up for past mistakes,  Hosta is your game. I have a few now and my head is full of plans for later. I always have mental lists in my path and if they don’t work out, who knows or can pronounce me guilty? Don’t leave a list laying’round! Got it?

My Train of Thoughts 6/12/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Verylnn   
Thursday, June 12, 2014 9:58 AM

Today I want to work in the flowers and make a new spot for one of my favorite flowers. Morning glories are not only beautiful, they create shade, and with a little luck, come again next year. Who could question their worth? The package claims that if the seeds are soaked overnight, they’ll get a better start. It can’t hurt to try.

While I left this page, I moved some stuff to the sunroom for sorting, made myself a cup of tea and parked in front of “Law and Order”. I lay down the order when it appears necessary and at least attempt to establish some harmony. Now, that’s a big bite and plenty to, shall I say, chew my cud on!

Hey, Tammie! Happy birthday from Pap and Mam, Jessie, Rhoddie and China. XXs and OOs.

Well, we certainly have got a lot of rain, thunder and racket lately. I sort of like all the commotion until it works hardship on the TV. The man-around-the-house is beside himself until things are restored and quieted down.

I put some lunch on, and just as I had said to Jim that another storm was coming, it arrived. It was, indeed, a toad strangler! It was coming straight down intent on being a hit and not leaving a dry spot. Now, as I write, it sounds like we’re in for more. I don’t think I’ll need to wet the morning glories much.

My Train of Thoughts 5/22/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Verylnn   
Thursday, May 22, 2014 9:44 AM

This has been a spring to remember and one that should hold droughts to a limit. We’ll have to trust that every cloud has a silver lining and good things come to those who keep their hand on the throttle and their eyes upon the Lord.

It’s chilly in this kitchen, but I’m not sure I want to build a fire. The weatherman is not always right and if this is one of those maybe days, it’ll get overzealous and we’ll have to turn on the a/c later today.

Last Friday was the man-around-the-house’s 77th birthday. It was also our 54th blind date marker. Friends arranged the date then and I’ve been keeping score ever since. Well, little things mean a lot...

You know you’re getting old when you start passing up auctions that are less than a mile from your home and aren’t willing to stand under an umbrella just to see what’s being sold. I don’t call that “getting old”. I prefer the term “growing up”. 

My Train of Thoughts 5/8/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Verylnn   
Thursday, May 08, 2014 8:59 AM

For the past two or three hours, I have been on a journey of sorts. I’ve been working in my plants, talking to myself, making plans that I hope to carry out, and just plain resting my worries for small pleasures, and sorting will come later. After I have wollered them around for a few days or just tossed already. I did set out some shrubbery and they’re lookin’ good and hopefully will continue. So far the lilies that a friend passed along to me are showing some “Flower Pride”. That’s a good thing.

There’s a wonderful hosta out back. We’ve had it a year or so and it’s looking as though I could harvest a bunch of new growth. We’ll see.

I was pleased to read that some alterations are planned for Woodsfield’s square. I surely hope I read it correctly, for the sake of decor and absolutely the safety of those who have never felt that the changing and removal of the large light on the square was an intelligent move!

A nearby grocery store has advertised both canteloupe and watermelon at a wonderful price this week. I have hopes of getting several of the loupes (you can freeze them, you know, and they are 99¢ per melon). Cowboys always have their pistols on their hip and vlk carries her discount store card, a satisfied grin, and thank you on her lips!