April 17, 2014

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Rinard Mills

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Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:13 AM

“In Your Easter Bonnet”, love that song; “Easter Parade”. Now for spring flowers as we have had March winds, April showers - so for May flowers!

Two fellows from Rinard Mills area decided to visit Marietta Memorial Hospital on April 2. On the road to recovery are Foster Whitacre and L. Dale Antill.

Emily Paulus of DE visited some days with her mother Wilma Whitacre.

Jeremy and Brian Norsen of Ravenna visited grandpa Charles Scott.

Golfing in March at Pinehurst, NC. Mark Yontz and Franklin Dale Antill enjoyed a few golfing days. Huge pine cones were the souvenir for NJ.

How romantic, an elopement across the state line. Congrats on 60th wedding anniversary April 19 to Foster and Wilma Anderson Whitacre.

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Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 3:44 PM

Greetings and a speedy recovery to Bernice Marshall.

Beverly Dierkes of Powhatan Point visited with Dale and Norma Jean Antill. We are looking for more Rabel cousins; very distant, but so interesting.

NJ finally found the legend of the King Cake to New Orleans from France in the 1870s. It honors the three kings who visited baby Jesus. More to follow next year.

Ivan and Joan Mallet Windland of Pickerington visited cousins in Woodsfield, traveled to New Matamoras and visited Uncle Franklin Dye and Dale and NJ Antill. Donna Ullman was a Friday visitor.

Saturday visitors enjoying Mom’s lasagne on Whitacre Lane were Dale Whitacre; daughters Lisa Treadway and children, Amy Datkuliak and daughter; Keith Whitacre and Bonnie Grinell.

March came in like a lion and after many cold days, snow days, and a few sunshine days, March leaves like a lion.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

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Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 1:37 PM

From almanac: Now spring has come; the bird rejoice; and chant the cheerful day; the farmer with exulting joys; prepare for April’s day.
A happy birthday on this very day to our number two granddaughter, Lauren.
And happy birthday 103 years to Gladys Danford of Barnesville, mother of Larry Danford on Rt. 260. Coming up on April 4, Helen McHugh Dye Drake of Reno will be 102 on April 4 and her childhood friend, formerly of Old Camp Road, Regina Rosena Knowlton Smith of New Jersey, will be 103 on July 6. Also happy March 19 birthday to Ethel Sloan and Delven Devore, both graduates of Graysville High.
Spring is welcome but let us step backwards to winter by reading the “Nest Eggs” poem written by Jennifer Pringle Lauer as she questioned her great-grandpa, Franklin Dye. ‘What are nest eggs?” My great-grandfather asks as we travel through the country going about our tasks. “I believe it’s money saved,” I reply, “For a rainy spring day.” Like a sly, old fox he says, “Listen to what I’m about to say.” “When winter snow begins to melt and a few tiny mounds still stay, these are called next eggs, so the snow will come again another day.”
Some folks on the getting better list, Ruth Woodyard at home; Grethel Winland Smith at home, Gene Cline, Sheryl Norsen, and Regina Reusser Weddle.
Charles Scott, Yvonne Weckbacher, Judi Nelms, Terry and Janice Pringle, Tammie Rinard, Brenda Mendenhall attended the Skyvue Alumni gathering on Saturday evening.
Recent visitors of Charles Scott included, Mike Scott, Jim and Jan Scott, Devan Powell, Steve Dunn, Greg and Robin Scott of Ravenna, Rhonda and John Dazcko of Kent.

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Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, March 05, 2014 3:11 PM

How many vegetables are in V8 Juice and can you name them? Answer at the end of newsletter.

The February meeting of the New Mat Red Hats was held at the Carroll Center. There was a valentine exchange by the group. Hostesses were Nancy Petty and Sherry Kirkbride and they prepared delicious ham and scalloped potatoes. Birthday gals were Nancy Petty and Marilyn McGill. Kathy Eckert, with advice from Martha Stewart, made each one a star. We sang “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and then our songwriter’s (Vivian Dye) version was read by Norma Jean Antill, “Here we are together, sharing food and fun. Can’t you see we’re happy, each and every one. Keep those red clothes coming with some purple too, now we greet each other, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.” Madlynne Webber invited the group to a Women in the Spirit meeting to be held at Marr, Ohio, on April 12. Sandy Blackburn, the speaker, is a Red Hat gal. Maybell Browne reports Friday fish at New Matamoras VFW. A page from “The Boat in the Attic” was read and discussion about visiting the Ohio Valley River Museum in Clarington was held. Fun time quizzes: “How Well Do You Know Your Slogans?” was won by Sue Altizer. “Songs of the Good Old Days” was won by Nancy Petty, Sue Altizer, Marilyn Tilton, Kathy Eckert, Mary Montgomery and Norma Jean Antill. Word Search door prize was won by Kathy Eckert. Looking toward March meeting, everything green: green food, green clothes, an Irish proverb to be read at 5:30 p.m. Di Evans conducted a short business meeting and also attending was her sister, Debbie Swallow. Also, the designated driver, Bill Browne, was invited in for a plate of delicious food and to enjoy our silliness.

Raylin Rose Schumacher was christened Saturday, February 15 at St. Sylvester’s in Woodsfield. Officiating was Father David Gaydosik. Raylin Rose is the daughter of Tyler and Tiffany Pringle Schumacher. Attending were grandparents: Sam and Jill Isaly Schumacher, Terry and Janice Antill Pringle; great-grands: Charles and Judy Isaly, Opal Pringle, Dale and Norma Jean Antill; great-great-grandpa Franklin Dye was unable to attend. Uncles, aunts, cousins and friends attending were: Ryan, Jennifer, Leigha and Blake Lauer; Chrissy Ferguson; Amanda Schumacher; Beau Schumacher; Loren, Tammie and Amy Rinard; Chad Kilburn; Lauren Rinard; Roman and Lyla Thompson; Franklin, Kim, Nick and Anna Antill; and Lance and Angie LaFollette. Unable to attend were Mark and Brenda Mendenhall of Newport.

Sympathy to the families at the deaths of: Nancy Dye died February 11, the daughter of the late Thomas Dye Sr. and Bertha Hensel Dye Cline. Nancy’s Civil War great-grandparent is Isaac Dye, buried at Greenbriar 1831-1913, served in the 63rd Reg OVI. Brice Bell Oliver of Lake Alfred, Florida, died February 3, a sister of Christine Bell Barnhouse Thomas of Newport. Paul Howell, 73, of Wellsville. Paul was raised in the Clifford Howell home. He graduated from Ludlow High School, class of 1958 circa. Three sisters survive, Francis, Carol and Joan, also a wife and two children. Jane Westbrook (Mrs. Karl) Eddy died February 21, a 1939 Lawrence High School graduate.

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Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Thursday, February 27, 2014 8:51 AM

From Almanac by Dazey - “And now the feathery snowflakes slowly fly, In many a mazy circle round and round.”

A conflict on Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil of Gobbler’s Knob, PA, saw his shadow, hence six more weeks of winter weather; but Buckeye Chuck of Warren, OH, predicts spring will soon be here. Newport, OH, has a Turkey Knob; maybe they should watch for a ground pig.

“If winter comes - can spring be far behind” - written by an English poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1832, who wished his poetry to continue, so here we are reading a line.

From the St. Mary’s Oracle...A Newport business, Oopsa Daisy owner Sandra Binegar has a Royal Palm turkey, a pet. His name is Lester and he thinks he is a dog. He rides the pump jack and chases four wheelers, but is afraid of a puppy.

Feb. 9, as the Antills traveled to River High School for grade school basketball games, a white goose was spotted among hundreds of Canadian geese on the Riverside Golf Course.

Happy February 11 birthday to Mary (Mrs. Walter) Parks, the former grocery lady of Marr.