August 27, 2014

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A Second Look
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Written by Staff   
Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:50 AM

70 Years Ago - 1944

Columbus - The next liquor rationing period, beginning Aug 14 will be reduced from six to five weeks in the first relaxation of rationing regulations. Ration card holders may purchase one fifth, one quart or two pints of whiskey or domestic gin during the 13th sales period beginning Monday and ending September 16.

D.F. Diehl, owner of the F.W. Diehl and Son Store, is moving his complete stock from the South Main Street store to the newly completed store room in the former Galbraith building on the east side of the square.

Darrell R. Baker, Seaman Second Class, and Private First Class Paul D. Baker, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Baker, Lewisville, are both presently in service to their country.

The invasion of France, the opening of the long-range bombing program with the commissioning of B-29s and the accelerated pace of war in both the European and Pacific Theaters have imposed sudden new demands on the Merchang Marine. In the next three months, 5,000 Merchant seamen must be recruited for the Pacific Theater.

Cinematic selections at the theaters this week: Irving Berlin’s “This Is The Army”; Errol Flynn in “Uncertain Glory”. There will be a social at the Calais School House Saturday evening at 8:30 o’clock. There will be ice cream, cold drinks, sandwiches and games. It is being sponsored by the Calais Bluebirds.

60 Years Ago - 1954

Announcement was made today that Birch, America’s foremost magician, with his company of assisting artists will play an engagement in Woodsfield Sept 10 at Woodsfield high School.

With the Red Star Way Lines seeking to discontinue its Woodsfield-Barnesville run in the near future, it may be interesting to know tat the bus now in use has completed over two million miles, many of them Barnesville-Woodsfield miles. It was placed in service in 1935.

The following Monroe County boys were inducted into the US Army on Aug 18: Howard Eugene Canter, Francis Leo Zwick, Shirley Leroy Rosenlieb. 

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 4:29 PM

70 Years Ago - 1944

Columbus, Aug 5- The State Liquor Director has announced that all state liquor stores will be closed upon official announcement of the end of the war in accordance with requests by police officials and civic organizations. Stores will be closed to prevent any too enthusiastic celebrators from deciding that “since the war is at an end, liquor rationing should be at an end also”. Stores will remain closed until instructed to reopen.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moser, Clarington, have received a notice that on July 11 their son Clyde was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for exemplary conduct in action against the enemy.

Movie choices this week include: “Rosie the Riveter”; MGM’s Technicolor Triumph, “Bathing Beauties”; Buster Crabbe in “Fuzzy Settles Down”.

London, England, Aug 9 - The sale of all daily newspapers, except the Army’s Stars and Stripes, has been suspended in all U.S. Army camps in the European theatre of war as part of a move designed under the soldier vote law to prevent presentation of biased news to troops prior to the election.

Washington Aug. 1 - Authoritative sources have disclosed that steaks and roasts from utility grades of beef will be made ration free beginning Aug. 13, but that hams and pork loins will be returned to the ration list.

Fifteenth AAF in Italy - First Lieutenant Harold H. Smithberger, 24, serving as a pilot on a B-24 Liberator, has been awarded the Army Medal for meritorious achievement. He has flown 17 missions since February. He has seen action over France, Italy, Germany, Rumania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Austria.

60 Years Ago - 1954

As a special supporting program of the Emergency March of Dimes for Infantile Paralysis, the Woodsfield Village Council has decreed that all the dimes that are deposited in parking meters will be given to the drive from Aug 24-Sept 4.

Receiving degrees from Ohio University at conclusion of summer session were county graduates Jay Mack Gamble, Master of Arts degree and Ralph Edwin Ullman, a Bachelor of Science in Education.

The Newlife Theatre is planning to install a new widescreen and equipment for the showing of cinemascope films. The new screen measures 14 x 26 feet.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 4:30 PM

70 Years Ago - 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Burkhart, of Lewisville, received a telegram from the War Department last Thursday saying their son Pfc. Herman J. Burkhart was slightly wounded in action in France June 18.

The Woodsfield playground opened last Monday on the grade school campus. Each Wednesday evening the boys and girls will take part in bicycle races. Robert LaCroix, Sam Jones, Glen Read and Dick Walters will supervise softball for the older boys.

At local theatres this week: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans in “Cowboy Senorita”; Cary Grant in “Once Upon a Time”; “Return of the Ape Man” with Bela Lugosi, John Carradine.

Wanted- Large washed rags. No curtains. Rags must be free from buttons or hooks. Will pay 7 cents per pound. Please do not bring small rags. The Beacon.

Information secured at the office of the county superintendent of schools indicates that Monroe County high schools, face a serious shortage of teachers. Vacancies include three commercial positions, a field in which a great scarcity now exists. Vacancies exist as well in vocational agriculture, music, home economics and industrial arts.

Several Woodsfield people attended the Patriotic Tea held at the First Presbyerian Church Wednesday evening. The tea was arranged in honor of new members and Blue Star Mothers which include Mrs. Rex Armstrong, Mrs. James Bischoff, Mrs. Tobert Earley, Mrs. Sam Jones and Mrs. Irl Kegeweis.


60 Years Ago - 1954

Charles Feiock Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Feiock of Lewisville, has the distinction of flying the first of a series of Navy Turbo jet planes between California and Honolulu transporting Navy personnel.

The West Monroe Local Board of Education at a special meeting assigned the high school students of part of the former Miltonsburg School District to the Woodsfield High School. The status of the elementary pupils will be decided when it is definitely determined whether the former Miltonsburg elementery school will operate.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 2:49 PM

70 Years Ago - 1944

Washington D.C. July 25 - The Office of Price Administration has made effective a new system of portioning out gasoline to servicemen on leave or furlough. Those who receive leave or furlough for three or more days will be allowed one gallon of gasoline for each day of leave up to a maximum of 30 gallons.

Roy L. Landefeld, of Woodsfield, has been appointed chairman in Monroe County for the National War Fund, Ohio Division, it was announced Monday.

A meeting  to demonstrate the preparation of foods by canning  and drying will be held at Calais High School Aug. 2. The War Food Administration states it is more important to preserve the home supply of foods this year than at any time in the past. The civilian food supply will be more critical this coming year than last year.

At the movies this week: “Three Men in White” starring Lionel Barrymore;   Jimmy Durante in “Two Girls and a Sailor”.

News of Those in Service- With U.S. Army troops in the South Pacific- Corporal Phillip M. Christman, of near Woodsfield has arrived overseas after completion of his training at Vancouver Barracks, Washington.

Prices Reduced. Due to Large Stock! Coolerator, The Ice Conditioned Refrigerator. Pure washed air keeps food fresh and appetizing. Saves vital war materials. Was $75.00 now $59.95. Roy Landefeld, Woodsfield

60 Years Ago - 1954

Mr. and Mrs. John Koloski, of Clarington, announce the engagement of their only daughter, Patricia to Pvt. Carl Duane Burton, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burton, also of Clarington.

The following Monroe County boys were inducted into the U.S. Army on July 26: John Henry Goekler, Roy Wesley Hoskinson, James Leo Shafer, Gerald Emerson Henthorn.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:45 PM

60 Years Ago - 1954

The immediate vicinity of Woodsfield will have two Dairy Queen type stands ready for business within a short time. New buildings are being erected, one at the end of Oaklawn Avenue under the management of a Barnesville man, the other out Lewisville Road, to be operated by Mrs. Stanley Heft.

The Ohio Wildlife Council has tabled any decision on a deer season until later in the year, following a report that the state planned to ban deer hunting for this year.

The Lebanon Laboring Lassies 4-H Club will present a one-act play entitled “Bobby Sox” at Bethel High School, July 26. Cast of characters includes: Marilyn Schneeberger, Judy Parks, June Handschumacher, Darin Blair, Marlene Zwick, Jean Hilverding.

Three members at the Stafford Charge Methodist Youth Fellowship are attending the Christian Adventure Camp at Epworth Park this week: Lillie Mae McConnell, Janet Knapp and Barbara June Robinson.

At the Monroe Theatre- First showing July 30 at 7 :00 p.m. Plan now to see our new giant panoramic wide screen.

So many movie choices. Some include: “Moulin Rouge” with Jose Ferrer; Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo in “South Sea Woman”; “The Big Trees” starring Kirk Douglas; “Rails into Laramie”.

50 Years Ago - 1964

Charles H. Burley, manager of the Monroe Memorial Pool, reports the attendance at the pool July 19, was 541 to exceed the season’s previous high attendance of 475.

Students in the Special Education class of Graysville Elementary received a letter last week from Mrs. John F. Kennedy in which she expressed her appreciation for their recent contribution to the John Fitzgerald Kenedy Library. The class sent a small cash sum for the purpose of buying a book to be placed in the libray. A letter and class picture accompanied the donation.

Cinematic selections- “Wheeler Dealers” with James Garner; Pat Boone in “Main Attraction”; “Kissin Cousins” with Elvis Presley and Audie Murphy in “Gunfight at Commanche Creek”.