July 29, 2014

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Your Right To Know
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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:26 PM


Marguerite L. Gamble, FKA Marguerite L. Carpenter, FKA Marguerite L. McCammon, FKA Marguerite L. Mc Cammon, FKA Marguerite L. Allison, James H. Gamble to Marguerite L. Gamble, James H. Gamble. Village of Miltonsburg, Lot 15, QC.

Donna Steed to M. Lloyd Morris, Rebecca L. Morris, Town of Stafford Lot 2.

Michael D. Kitchen, Jennifer Kitchen, John A. Gartrell, Angela M. Gartrell to Jeffrey Lucas, 20.05 acres  Summit Twp.

Joshua Kinney, April Kinney, FKA April Beaver to Christopher Poggi, Deanna Poggi, 12.192 acres Perry Twp.

Daniel Gingerich, Sarah Gingerich, Daniel V. Gingerich, Sarah B. Gingerich to Andrew E. Miller, Rachel D. Miller, 80 acres Malaga Twp.

Fred P. Cline, Carol Cline, Fred Cline to Jason C. Fliehman, 3.738 acres Center Twp, QC.

James L. Lehman, Carol Williams, Dorothy A. Lehman, Dorothy Lehman, Carol J. Williams, Albert Williams to RRKL Acres LLC, 154.771 acres Switzerland Twp, Mineral Deed.

James L. Lehman, Dorothy A. Lehman to RRKL Acres LLC., 0.862 acres Switzerland Twp. Mineral Deed.

Bytro LLC to Joe D. Byler, Ada T. Joe, 37.008 acres Seneca Twp. Mineral Deed.

Black Family Farm LLC to Connie E. Elrod, Allen W. Black, Allen W. Black, James D. Black, Terry C. Black, 40 acres Green Twp. QC Mineral Deed.

Carol Ann Perry, FKA Carol Ann Thomas, Steven E. Perry to Steven E. Perry, Carol Ann Perry, 2.024 acres Malaga Twp.

Robert H. Weaver, Amanda C. Weaver to Dale Huntsman, Connie Huntsman, 105.208 acres Seneca Twp.


Stephen J.P. Edge, 29, Woodsfield and Mary J. Orban, 29, Woodsfield.

Brian T. Frankart, 26, Columbus and Brie A. Rothacher, 30, Sardis.

Donald D. Morton, 41, Woodsfield and Shawna R. Seymour, 35, Woodsfield.


Lisa M. Blevins, Woodsfield vs. John Coffee, Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Lisa M. Blevins, Woodsfield vs. John L. McCammon, Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Erica Kerns, Woodsfield vs. Fletcher Peace, King George, VA, divorce.

Williamson Oil and Gas, LLC vs. George W. Bloyer et al, other civil.

Gerald W. Deitch vs. Richard Knuchel, personal injury.

Bradley Workman vs. Lois Gibson, personal injury.

Carter-Jones Lumber Co. vs. Keson Hess, other civil.

Barbara Ann Hamilton vs. James W. Yoho, other civil.


Isaac I. Uhl, Walker, WV, $87.

Charles C. Powell, Woodsfield, $122.

Virginia R. Moore, Triadelphia, $107.

Kelly J. Young, Paden City, WV, $141.

Myla R. Smith, Sardis, $117.

Steven O. Smith, Hurricane, WV, $112.

Brittany N. Cottrell, Spencer, WV, $134.

Alfred Shaw, Ona, WV, $118.

Joshua S. Runyon, Lost Creek, WV, $115.

Beverly Adams, North Myrtle Beach, SC, $122.

Jessica L. Williams, Lewisville, $112.

Johnathan L. Johnson, New Martinsville, WV, $125.

Johnny L. Daugherty, Woodsfield, $112.

Matthew T. Bruns, Miamisburg, OH, $120.

John Cunningham, Benwood,WV, $134.

Nathaniel G. Shaber, Woodsfield, $122.

Daniel Goodenough, Bandera, TX, $120.

Michael G. Fordyce, Mineral Wells, WV, $118.

Kenneth M. Kochman II, Canonsburg, PA, $107.

Jack P. Marks Jr., Massillon, OH, $160.

Damian A. Eonta, Sewickley, PA, $109.

Ricki A. Hall, New Matamoras, $116.

Shawn W. Trail, Huntington, PA, $119.

Kevin P. Arnold, New Matamoras, $130.

Sherri J. McCune, New Matamoras, $107.

Timothy J. Keane, McDonald, PA, $122.

Floyd L. Saffell Jr., Beallsville, $112.


Phillip A. Brady Jr., Moundsville, WV, failure to reinstate; must complete 8 hours of community service,  $387.

Cassey Lynn Stevens, Lewisville, no operator’s license/non compliant, $362.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 7:30 AM


Paul R. Patterson, Annette Patterson to Hatteras LLC, 112.934 acres, Center, Green and Lee Twp.

Daniel Hughes, Diana Hughes, Derek Hughes, Amber Hughes to John T. Berentz, Jan L. Berentz, Lot 13 Lee Twp, Village of Sardis.

Mary R. Landacre to Siltstone Rescources LLC, 30.10 acres, Washington Twp.

Patricia G. Snodgrass, AKA Patricia G. Smith Snodgrass, Patricia G.  Snodgrass POA, Ralph G. Smith to Jeffrey B. Hickman, Rebecca A. Hickman, Lot 12, Village of Woodsfield.

Mellon Trustee Bank of New York, FKA Bank of New York, Certificateholders CWABS Inc,  Bank of America NA POA, to Bank of America NA, 0.598 acres, Malaga Twp, QC.

Bank of America NA to Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund Inc, 0.598 acres, Malaga Twp.

Bonnie Jean Knowlton, William K. Knowlton, to William K. Knowlton, Bonnie Jean Knowlton, 129.135 acres, Bethel and Washington Twp, 1/2 interest.

Charles J. Hamilton, Michele Hamilton, Bernard K. Hamilton, Judy Hamilton, Marvin Hickenbotton, Rebecca S. Hickenbottom, Thomas E. Hamilton, Jeanie Hamilton, David N. Hamilton, Sharon Hamilton, Charles Hamilton to New Vision Video Production and Advertising,  Lot 8, Village of Woodsfield.

Dennis Winkler, Laura Winkler to Dennis Hendershot, Helen Suzanne Hendershot, 31.454 acres, Salem Twp. Village of Clarington.

Floyd W. Baker to Martin J. Baker II 15.70 acres, Center Twp., 1/2 interest, Mineral Deed.

Eigg Land Limited to JAV Property Management LTD, 20.05 acres, Summit Twp, 10% interest. Mineral Deed.

Daniel H. Knapp, Daniel Knapp to JAV Property Management LTD, 20.05 acres, Summit Twp., 10% interest. Mineral Deed

Maxine R. Rogalski, Charles V. Rogalski to Charles V. Rogalski, Maxine R. Rogalski, Sunsbury Twp. Lot 1, Village of Wilson.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to CR Homes LLC., 0.330 acres, Village of Wodsfield.

Michael T. Stuckey, Jaime L. Stuckey to Charity Holland, 1 acre Center Twp.


Charles L. Kotson, 51, New Martinsville, WV and Julie A. Pixler, 45, New Martinsville, WV.

Justin A. Hogue, 26, Woodsfield and Sydney J. Rothe, 26, Woodsfield.


Hollie M. Preston, Lower Salem vs. Christian A. Preston, Marietta, divorce.

Lorrie A. Moeller, Sardis, vs. Jadd D. Moeller, Sardis, divorce.

Carol Ollom, Cameron, vs. Timothy Ollom, Cameron,dissolution.

Richard L. Cline vs. Clara Huebner Rey, other civil.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Na vs. Joshua S. Kinney, foreclosures.

Leonard L. Scarbro vs. Great River Energy LLC, other civil.


Nathan S. Edgell, Sardis, $157.

Brittany Eddleblute, Vincent, OH, $124.

Your Right to Know 7/10/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff   
Thursday, July 10, 2014 7:45 AM


Kent Donald Turner, Carolyn C. Turner to Robin Slanie Moorman, 7.002 acres, Washinton Twp.

Donna Lee Swallow to DLS Monroe LLC. 216.58 acres, Sunsbury Twp.

William Mark Swallow, aka Mark Swallow, Joan E. Swallow, aka Joan Swallow to WMS Monroe LLC., 175.88 acres, Sunsbury Twp. Min. Deed.

Jan E. Swallow, Rosalea E. Swallow, to JES Monroe LLC., 101.615 acres, Sunsbury Twp. Min. Deed.

Gwyn Mitchell, Jeffrey W. Mitchell to William H. Haynes, 4 acres, Bethel Twp. QC

Ann C. Bowland, George Bowland II to George Bowland II Trustee, Ann C. Bowland Trustee, George II and Ann C. Bowland Revocable Trust, 160.215 acres, Green Twp. QC

Ann C. Bowland, George Bowland II to George Bowland II Trustee, Ann C. Bowland Trustee, George II and Ann C. Bowland Revocable Trust, 1.02 acres, Green Twp. QC

Ann C. Bowland, George Bowland II to George  Bowland II Trustee, Ann C. Bowland Trustee, George II and Ann C. Bowland Revocable Trust, 0.750 acres, Green Twp. QC

Rita Sue Spence, Mark H. Spence, Mark Spence to William K. Knowlton, Bonnie Jean Knowlton, 6.015 acres, Washington Twp. 1/2 Interest.

Beryl M. Poulton Trustee, Beryl M. Poulton Revocable Family Trust, Beryl M. Poulton to Beryl M. Poulton, 81 acres, Perry Twp.

Beryl M. Poulton to Poulton Place LTD., 81 acres, Perry Twp.

M. Geraldine Mallett, M. Geraldine nka Goble, Kenneth Goble, Kenneth G. Goble to Daniel E. Mallett, Peggy Sue Douglass, Patricia Lou Mcglumphy, Patricia Lou Mc Glumphy, 44 acres, Switzerland Twp., 1/5 interest.

Donald E. Jackson, Donald E. Jackson, Shelia Dianne Jackson, Jerry B. Jackson, Ressa Jackson to M. Lloyd Morris, Rebecca L. Morris, Village of Stafford, Lots 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16, 17.


Jason L. Beardmore, 35, Woodsfield and Angela K. Pirl, 25, Clarington.

Mancel G. McFrederick, 50, Woodsfield and Kathy L. Jones, 44, Woodsfield.


Jp Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. vs. Kevin D. Gray, foreclosures.

John R. Paulus vs. Beck Energy Corporation, other civil.

Haylee A. Hess vs. Mark M. Hess, termination of marriage


William T. Starkey, Woodsfield, $117.

Brett M. Price, Jerusalem, $127.

Donald E. Cline Jr., Summerfield, $25.

Devin Kottenbrock, Fargo, ND, $50.

Justin D. Stotts, Looneyville, WV, $137.

Candice M. Anderson, New Martinsville, $110.

Your Right to Know 7/3/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 3:49 PM


David W. Evans, Polly Evans to Dustin F. Bright, David Bright, Lot 50, Village of Woodsfield.

Willard Fankhauser and Patricia Ann Lindsey Conservator to Wayne D. Riggenbach, Clara Riggenbach, Gene A. Riggenbach, Ruth Riggenbach and Linda Wigal, 92 acres, Lee Twp. QC Min. Deed.

Sam W. Pauley, Sam Pauley to Julie A. Buffington, 0.0895 acres, Village of Beallsville. QC

Paul W. Fetty, Nancy S. Fetty to Edward Nething, Janet Nething, 1.221 acres, Ohio Twp.

Rebecca A. Hickman to Jeffrey Hickman, Rebecca A. Hickman, 3.431 acres, Summit Twp, Village of Lewisville.

Jack E. Kauble to RTB Minerals LLC., 30 acres Center Twp. Min. Deed.

Joe D. Byler, Ada T. Byler to Clayton R. King, Tania D. King, 37.008 acres, Seneca Twp.

Shannon R. Huffman to Anthony M. Hammond, Kimberly A. Hammond, Lots 42 and 43, Ohio Twp., Town of Barnesville.

Marian Stabile, Helen Strussion, Eugene R. Strussion POA, Nick Stabile to Long Reach Landing LLC., 0.802 acres, Salem Twp., Village of Clarington.

Patrick Clark and Virginia Clark to LL and B Headwater II LP, 16.897 acres, with 59.1822% interest, Seneca Twp. Min. Deed.


Terence B. Caldwell, 24, Beallsville and Jordan R. Starkey, 24, Beallsville.

Jordon W. Turner, 26, Woodsfield and Reilley A. Mavor, 21, Saint Leonard, MD.

Brian R. Elliot, 37, Lewisville and Hollie N. Tisher, 35, Lewisville.

Clyde V. Palmer, Jr., 40, Beallsville and Marketta J. Wilson, 26, Beallsville.


William D. Dunn vs. Andrew K. Cline, other civil.

Orvella L. Neff vs. Woodsfield True Value, other civil.

Rebecca A. Gorczyca vs. James Blaney, other civil.

Rebecca Gorczyca vs. Leona Irene Straight, other civil declaratory judgement.


Scottie W. Collins, Newton, WV, $128.

Michael F. Howell, Woodsfield, $120.

David A. Spicer, Parkersburg, WV, $134.

Daniel J. Anthony, Sistersville, WV, $135.

Regina C. Parsaci, Sardis, $115.

Your Right to Know 6/12/14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff   
Thursday, June 12, 2014 9:08 AM

Due to staffing issues this week, the Beacon was unable to publish all “Your Right to Know” information. The full version will be available in next week’s paper.

Woodsfield Police

May 14, 11:45 a.m., Pamela Corwin, Powhatan Point, was backing her 2010 Ford SW and struck a parked 2000 Saturn 4S, owned byKatherine Brown, Sardis. There was light damage to Corwin's Ford SW and moderate damage to Brown's Saturn.

May 25, 12:53 p.m., Charles A. Dye, Jerusalem, was traveling south on Oaklawn Ave. in a 1985 GMC Sierra and struck a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, driven by Pamela R. Conger, Woodsfield, while attempting a left turn onto Oaklawn. There was minor damage to Conger's Jeep Grand Cherokee. Dye was cited for assured clear distance.

May 23, 11:42 a.m., Alan Hamilton, Woodsfield, was exiting a marked parking space onto W. Court St., in a 2001 Chevy Tracker and was struck by a 1999 Chevy 1500, driven by Dylan Blackstone, Lewisville. There was moderate damage to Hamilton's Chevy Tracker and minor damage to Blackstone's Chevy 1500.

May 27, 7:35 p.m., Alli Jensen Wilcox, Woodsfield, was making a left turn in a 2002 VW and misjudged the entrance to the parking lot and crashed into the ditch.

May 28, 1:15 p.m., Benjamin Riggenbach, Woodsfield, was backing his 2005 Dodge 1500 from Olin Drive and struck another vehicle.