August 22, 2014

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Your Right To Know
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Written by Staff   
Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:33 AM


Harold E. Robinson to OGI Inc., Wind River Resources Inc., Walter Production Inc., Helis Oil and Gas Company LLC, 25 acres, Franklin Twp. Mineral Deed.

Richard E. Markey to Robin L. Markey, OGI Inc., Wind River Resources Inc., Walter Production Inc., Helis Oil and Gas Company LLC, 104 acres, 50% mineral interest, Bethel Twp. Mineral Deed.

William L. Bolon, Becky K. Bolon to Daniel A. Hughes, Diana L. Hughes, 2.193 acres, Center Twp.

Frances E. Goddard to Russell B. Goddard, 50.471 acres, Switzerland Twp. QC.

Jake M. Hochstetler, Sarah G. Hochstetler to LL&B Headwater II LP, 85.323 acres, 50% interest, Seneca Twp. Mineral Deed.

Adam Dennis Conrad to Dennis D. Conrad, Maria E. Conrad, Lot 112 of Village Woodsfield, Children’s Home Addition.

Wayne A. Smith, Kristel S. Smith, to Col Wayne A. Smith LLC., Smith Col. Wayne A. LLC., 132.33 acres, Lee and Jackson Twp. Mineral Deed.

Gerald Richard West, AKA Gerald R. West, Midwest Land Services Inc., 52 acres, Center Twp. Mineral Deed.

Midwest Land Services Inc to OGI Inc., Wind River Resources Inc., Walter Production Inc., Helis Oil & Gas Company LLC., 52 acres, Center Twp. Mineral Deed.

Ruth J. Tremblay to Daniel E. Lee, Village of Clarington, Salem Twp.

David N. Wengerd, AKA Mark N. Wendgerd, Emma E. Wengerd, Marvin N. Wengerd, Arlene P. Wengerd, Mark N. Wengerd,  to Derek Knowlton, Russell Knowlton, 94.511 acres, Village of Clarington Salem Twp.

CR Homes LLC to Randall Leek, Village of Woodsfield PT Outlot 38.


Jason E. Stine, 36, Paden City and Heather M. Anderson, 26, Paden City.

Robert D. Dimmerling, 29, Lewisville and Kayla L. Carter, 26, Lewisville.

Samuel A. Myers, 21, Lewisville and Paige T. Hudson, 19, Lewisville.


Perry Troyer vs. Carl Trapp, other civil.

Steven W. Frame, Beallsville vs Lisa M. Frame, Atwater, OH, divorce.


Christopher T. Geer, Pittsburgh, PA, $124.

Joseph B. Hise Jr., Woodsfield, $182.

Joyce M. Beckett, Sardis, $114.

Nicole R. Reed, Sardis, $112.

Jason E. Fielder, Parkersburg, WV, $132.

Austin T. McConn, Hannibal, $142.

Everett C. Baisden, Woodsfield, $136.

Joanna L. Friend, Middlebourne, WV, $123.

Frank E. Hunter, Triadelphia, WV, $131.

John C. Young, Azle, TX, $117.

Brett A. Arnold, Beallsville, $126.

William A. Chevalier, Marietta, $130.


Robert Tyler M. Carpenter, Woodsfield, theft, received 8 days. Restitution ordered; due by 3/1/15; not to enter Modern Hardware. 2 counts obstructing official business, $322, received 60 days, 55 suspended. Jail time concurrent with COCP; probation two years. 2 counts no operator’s license/non compliant dismissed by State.

Raymond W. Davis, Woodsfield, 2 counts no operator’s license/non-compliant, fine suspended on condition of no similar offense within 1 year, $564.

Crystal L. Bivins, Clarington, assured clear distance, open container, $152.

Billie J. Hartley, Clarington, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, possession of syringe; Defendant completed treatment in lieu of conviction, $107, dismissed .

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 4:18 PM


Timothy January to Timothy January, Sherry A. January, Summit Twp.

Charles R. Schwaben, Brenda K. Schwaben to Dewey K. Hart, Teia D. Nutter, 1.3 acres, Wayne Twp.

Terry L. Craig, Donna L. Craig to Terry L. Craig, Donna L. Craig, 0.46 acres, Salem Twp.

William C. Heddleson, Effie M. Heddleson, Roger L. Heddleson, Carol Sue Heddleson, JonReed Heddleson, Brenda Heddleson, Wayne Heddleson, Catherine Heddleson, William Heddleson, Carol S. Heddleson to Phive Starr Properties LP, 57.65 acres, Perry Twp. Mineral Deed.

Michael W. Adkins, Michael Adkins to Michael W. Adkins, Maria Weese, 34.106 acres, Perry Two. QC.

Helen Marie Miller, Roger E. Miller, Angela Miller to Eureka Hunter Pipeline LLC, 5 acres, Salem Twp.

Ronald Norman Wills, Rose Marie Wills, Ronald N. Wills to Ronald Norman Wills, Rose Marie Wills, 34.256 acres, Green Twp.

Jeremy D. Baker to Albert J. Baker, 40 acres, Royalty and Mineral Interest, Bethel Twp. QC Mineral Deed.

Luther Burke, Frances J. Burke, Luther F. Burke to Luther F. Burke, Frances J. Burke, 4.37 acres, Sunsbury Twp., 1/6 interest, Village of Ozark.

Cleo M. Carpenter to Darlene J. Lewis Trustee, Darlene J. Lewis Trust, Lyle W. Carpenter, Helen Carpenter, Carl W. Carpenter Jr., Peggy Carpenter, David W. Carpenter, Judith L. Carpenter, 22.55 acres, 1/4 interest, Summit Twp. Mineral Deed.

Legion Properties LLC to Adam Conrad, 6.030 acres, Malaga Twp.

Tony Schindler, Terrie Schindler to Tony Schindler, Terri Schindler, 123.493 acres, Ohio Twp.

Tony Schindler, Terri Schindler to Ohio Township Trustees, Trustees of Ohio Township, 0.318 acres, Ohio Twp.

Danny Delong, Sandra Sue Delong to Danny J. Delong Co Trustee, Sandra Sue Delong Co Trustee, Danny J. and Sandra Sue Delong Joint Rev Trust, 110.54 acres, Seneca Twp., 1/5 Coal and Oil and Gas Royalty. QC.

Mark Potter, Terry Potter, Linda L. Potter, Terry W. Potter to Mark Potter, Terry W. Potter Revocable Trust, 205.896 acres, Center and Lee Twp., 1/2 interest.

Audra L. Garske, Audra Garske to Thomas W. Garske Jr., 100 acres, Franklin Twp. QC.


Clinton M. Baldridge, 37, New Matamoras and Jean G. Reece, 36, New Matamoras.

Chandler S. Carothers, 19, Woodsfield and Stephanie A. Seebach, 20, Woodsfield.

Bradley L. Stiles, 36, Woodsfield and Ashley N. Smith, 25, Woodsfield.

Donald E. Villono, 39, Sistersville, WV and Tami L. Britton, 34, Sistersville, WV.


JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Preston Kilburn, foreclosures.


Garnet Hensel, Fly, $126.

Patrick M. Unwin, Laramie, WY, $120.

Scottie W. Coughran, Monroeville, PA, $126.

Heather B. Maxwell, Woodsfield, $130.

Joshua T. Dullea, Casselton, ND, $118.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 4:23 PM


Danniell M. Neel,  Kennet J. Neel POA, Pauline M. Neel POA to RTB Minerals LLC., 39.86 acres, Benton Twp. Mineral Deed.

Gilbert Forshey, Ronnie Ruble, Paul Eddy to Goudy Church of Christ, 1.268 acres, Adams and Center Twp.

Yvonne Renee Braden t o Ray Zerger, Ricky Zerger, Oil and Gas interest 98.25 acres, Malaga Twp. QC.

Gary A. Thompson to Stephanie A. Goddard, Village of Sardis, Lee Twp. QC.

Gary A. Rubel, Nancy S. Rubel to Demolition Man Company DBA, Nick Masciarelli, Morris and Mooney’s 1st addition, Village of Woodsfield.

Ormet Corporation, FKA Olin Revere Metals Corporation, Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation to Triad Hunter LLC, 1,331.501 acres, Ohio and Salem Twps. Mineral Deed.

Ormet Railroad Corporation to Triad Hunter LLC, Ohio, Salem, Switzerland Twps and Village of Clarington. Mineral Deed.

Mark A. Carlier, Diana Carlier to Alexis L. Scarnecchia, Carol Ann Fowler, 28.6 acres, 1/4 interest Adams Twp. Mineral Deed.

Harold N. Harrison Trustee, Harold N. Harrison Revocable Trust to Ohio Oil Gathering LLC., 9.723 acres, Ohio Twp.

Ohio Oil Gathering II LLC to Harold N. Harrison Trustee, Harold N. Harrison Revocable Trust, 0.3537 acres, Ohio Twp.

David Vincent Maffei, Judy Rogers, Nathan D. Maffei, Judy L. Rogers, Nathan Maffei to American Energy Utica LLC, 50.02 acres, Washington Twp. Mineral Deed.

J and D Land Group LTD to Shelby G. Cline, Catherine R. Cline, 19.711 acres, Perry Twp.

Sandra Lopatka, Craig F. Lopatka to Will Wade, William Wade, 20 acres, Franklin Twp.

Kimberly Ann Tisher to Brent Allen Tisher, 2.70 acres, Center Twp. QC.

Edward J. Havens, Jeannie L. Havens to Raymond M. Sharick, 58.701 acres, Lee Twp.

Frank J. Simone Jr., Catherine Hounshell, Mary Jo Simone Pietz, Jane L. Simone, Charles R. Hounshell, Raymond Pietz to Simone Mineral Rights LLC., 66.80 acres, Salem Twp. Mineral Deed.

Opal E. Crum, POA Linda Warder to Michael A. Yonak Sr., Susan K. Yonak, 0.46 acres, Village of Woodsfield Guilford 1st addition.

Daniel R. Massie, Danyel Massie to Randall E. Massie, Linda L. Massie, 24.91 acres, Bethel Twp.

Kristen L. Smyers, Michael Smyers, Richard A. McClain, Richard A. Mc Clain to Steven R. McClain, 84.172 acres, Seneca Twp.


Jacob A. Wilson, 31, Woodsfield and Sonya A. Poole, 26, Woodsfield.

Cris A. Landefeld, 26, Barnesville and Kayla J. Detling, 27, Barnesville.

Gershom D. Lohrey, 24, Lewisville and Casey L. Marshall, 26, Lewisville.


Erin K. Austin, Cameron vs. Todd E. Sisk, Beallsville; domestic violence.

Patricia A. Thompson, Woodsfield vs. Angela Kramer, Athens; domestic violence.

Lisa A. Leasure, Jerusalem vs. Angela Kramer, Athens; domestic violence.

Todd Ullom vs. Roman J. Burkhart; other civil.


Michele Merckle, Fly, $107.

Allyson R. Watkins, Belpre, OH, $120.

Susan A. Stankovich, Charlotte, NC, $128.

William Lorentz, Smithville, WV, $114.

Brian Brown, Sistersville, WV, $116.

Zackariah H. Earley, New Matamoras, $122.

David M. Parr, Brilliant, OH, $149.

Augustina F. Chambers, Woodsfield, $118.

Sherry L. Vancamp, Sardis, $126.

Jeremy R. Leonard, Caldwell, $116.

Jeffrey K. Greenwood, Newport, OH, $124.

Michael McCulley, Cameron, WV, $127.

Andrew D. Briggs, Wheeling, WV, $127.

Demontray A. Shields, Dallas, TX, $109.

Lewis Brown, Powhatan Point, $130.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 2:25 PM


Jar Jer Inc to Siltstone Resources LLC, 100.698 acres, Franklin Twp. QC Mineral Deed.

Reusser and Reusser Inc. to Lynn G. Reusser, Yvonne D. Reusser, Woodsfield Village PT Lot 29.

Jan E. Swallow, AKA Jan Swallow, Rosalee E. Swallow, Rosalee Swallow, Rosalea E. Swallow to Jan E. Swallow, Rosalea E. Swallow, Village of Jerusalem, Village of Woodsfield Part Lot 38 and 39, N 1/2 Lott 99.

Beth Ann Nalley to Hall and Ross Resources, 77.50 acres, Bethel Twp, Mineral Deed.

Beth Ann Nalley to Hall and Ross Resources, 40 acres, Bethel Twp, Mineral Deed.

Carl R. Wells, Patricia A. Wells to Steven Wells, Julie Myers, 1/2 Mineral Interest Adams, Malaga and Summit Twp, 1343.97 acres, Village of Miltonsburg, Lots 32, 33, and 34. QC Mineral Deed.

Robert W. Gaunt Sr., Beatrice J. Gaunt to Beallsville Sportsman Club, 34.413 acres, Adams Twp.

Aden M. Yoder, Emma A. Yoder to Andrew A. Yoder, Lydiann W. Yoder, 27.9534 acres, Malaga Twp.

Sue Ann Brown. Michael E. Brown, Elizabeth A. Brown to Jody C. Brown, Stacey L. Brown, Kelly T. Brown, Lee Twp. 1/2 interest.

Phive Starr Properties LP to Shale Development Group LLC 29.8650 acres, 50% interest, Wayne Twp. Mineral Deed.

Vine Royalty LLC to Vine Royalty L P, 559.868 acres, Mineral, royalty and overriding royalty conveyance, Green, Jackson, Lee, Ohio, Perry and Salem Twp. Mineral Deed.

James Largent Jr., Sarah Taylor, James Largent to Black Gold Group LTD., 13.0202 acres, Franklin Twp. Mineral Deed.


Jeremy T. Leichliter, 33, New Martinsville and Amanda K. Isaacs, 28, Clarington.

Jonah D. Turner, 26, Woodsfield and Lauren C. Harmon, 21, Graysville.


Michael Brent King vs Henry Friday, other civil.

Jamie Randall, Woodsfield, vs Roger Frymyer Jr., Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Diana L. Wickham, Lewisville, vs Bernard E. Oblisk Sr., Stafford, domestic violence.


Laurie Cox, Beallsville, $120.

Carl O. McEndree Jr., Barnesville, $118.

Kevin D. Vincent, Shadyside, $114.

Brittany A. McConaughy, Woodsfield, $121.

Mark A. Currey, Ravenswood, WV, $122.

William J. Anderson, Washington, WV, $114.

Jamie L. Haught, New Matamoras, $120.

Margaret K. Yost, New Martinsville, WV, $122.

Brent A. Kinney, Townville, SC, $120.

Dave Wojciak, Glenshaw, PA, $113.

Joseph J. Potoczny II, Farmington, WV, $120.

Roy J. Campbell Jr., New Matamoras, $122.

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Written by Staff   
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:26 PM


Marguerite L. Gamble, FKA Marguerite L. Carpenter, FKA Marguerite L. McCammon, FKA Marguerite L. Mc Cammon, FKA Marguerite L. Allison, James H. Gamble to Marguerite L. Gamble, James H. Gamble. Village of Miltonsburg, Lot 15, QC.

Donna Steed to M. Lloyd Morris, Rebecca L. Morris, Town of Stafford Lot 2.

Michael D. Kitchen, Jennifer Kitchen, John A. Gartrell, Angela M. Gartrell to Jeffrey Lucas, 20.05 acres  Summit Twp.

Joshua Kinney, April Kinney, FKA April Beaver to Christopher Poggi, Deanna Poggi, 12.192 acres Perry Twp.

Daniel Gingerich, Sarah Gingerich, Daniel V. Gingerich, Sarah B. Gingerich to Andrew E. Miller, Rachel D. Miller, 80 acres Malaga Twp.

Fred P. Cline, Carol Cline, Fred Cline to Jason C. Fliehman, 3.738 acres Center Twp, QC.

James L. Lehman, Carol Williams, Dorothy A. Lehman, Dorothy Lehman, Carol J. Williams, Albert Williams to RRKL Acres LLC, 154.771 acres Switzerland Twp, Mineral Deed.

James L. Lehman, Dorothy A. Lehman to RRKL Acres LLC., 0.862 acres Switzerland Twp. Mineral Deed.

Bytro LLC to Joe D. Byler, Ada T. Joe, 37.008 acres Seneca Twp. Mineral Deed.

Black Family Farm LLC to Connie E. Elrod, Allen W. Black, Allen W. Black, James D. Black, Terry C. Black, 40 acres Green Twp. QC Mineral Deed.

Carol Ann Perry, FKA Carol Ann Thomas, Steven E. Perry to Steven E. Perry, Carol Ann Perry, 2.024 acres Malaga Twp.

Robert H. Weaver, Amanda C. Weaver to Dale Huntsman, Connie Huntsman, 105.208 acres Seneca Twp.


Stephen J.P. Edge, 29, Woodsfield and Mary J. Orban, 29, Woodsfield.

Brian T. Frankart, 26, Columbus and Brie A. Rothacher, 30, Sardis.

Donald D. Morton, 41, Woodsfield and Shawna R. Seymour, 35, Woodsfield.


Lisa M. Blevins, Woodsfield vs. John Coffee, Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Lisa M. Blevins, Woodsfield vs. John L. McCammon, Woodsfield, domestic violence.

Erica Kerns, Woodsfield vs. Fletcher Peace, King George, VA, divorce.

Williamson Oil and Gas, LLC vs. George W. Bloyer et al, other civil.

Gerald W. Deitch vs. Richard Knuchel, personal injury.

Bradley Workman vs. Lois Gibson, personal injury.

Carter-Jones Lumber Co. vs. Keson Hess, other civil.

Barbara Ann Hamilton vs. James W. Yoho, other civil.


Isaac I. Uhl, Walker, WV, $87.

Charles C. Powell, Woodsfield, $122.

Virginia R. Moore, Triadelphia, $107.

Kelly J. Young, Paden City, WV, $141.

Myla R. Smith, Sardis, $117.

Steven O. Smith, Hurricane, WV, $112.

Brittany N. Cottrell, Spencer, WV, $134.

Alfred Shaw, Ona, WV, $118.

Joshua S. Runyon, Lost Creek, WV, $115.

Beverly Adams, North Myrtle Beach, SC, $122.

Jessica L. Williams, Lewisville, $112.

Johnathan L. Johnson, New Martinsville, WV, $125.

Johnny L. Daugherty, Woodsfield, $112.

Matthew T. Bruns, Miamisburg, OH, $120.

John Cunningham, Benwood,WV, $134.

Nathaniel G. Shaber, Woodsfield, $122.

Daniel Goodenough, Bandera, TX, $120.

Michael G. Fordyce, Mineral Wells, WV, $118.

Kenneth M. Kochman II, Canonsburg, PA, $107.

Jack P. Marks Jr., Massillon, OH, $160.

Damian A. Eonta, Sewickley, PA, $109.

Ricki A. Hall, New Matamoras, $116.

Shawn W. Trail, Huntington, PA, $119.

Kevin P. Arnold, New Matamoras, $130.

Sherri J. McCune, New Matamoras, $107.

Timothy J. Keane, McDonald, PA, $122.

Floyd L. Saffell Jr., Beallsville, $112.


Phillip A. Brady Jr., Moundsville, WV, failure to reinstate; must complete 8 hours of community service,  $387.

Cassey Lynn Stevens, Lewisville, no operator’s license/non compliant, $362.