September 17, 2014

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Local Columnists
Switzer News 9/11/14
Written by Judy Reynolds   
Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:52 AM

Congratulations to Sarah Lehman and Jeffery Lee on their Aug. 23rd wedding.  Sarah is the daughter of James and Dorothy Lehman of Krebs Hill and Jeffery is the son of Ron and Denise Lee of Strongsville, OH. Also attending were Janet Mirides, Jim, Connie, Megan and Braylon Mirides of Warwood, WV, Al and Carol Williams of Colorado Springs, CO, Jane Forni of Colorado, David and Bonnie Forni of New Matamoras, OH, Mike & Patty McConn and Michelle & Harmony Blatthers.

The River High School Alumni Reunion was held at the River Cafeteria, Hannibal, OH. It was a special 50 year reunion for the class of 1964, my class.  Our class had a buffet brunch at The Court Restaurant in New Martinsville from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. There were around 25 class members there, and in the evening at the all-school reunion at River High School we had 23 class members (some different ones). We had a great time.  It was good to see some we hadn't seen since graduation.  We have lost 10 members from our class of 88.  Class members came from Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. Of the over 200 attending the school reunion, coming the farthest were two sisters from California.

Terri Reynolds and Judy Reynolds were in Steubenville, OH shopping and then stopped in Follansbee, WV and visited with our cousin, Shirley Summers.

Barbara Bauer Terry of Orlando, FL was in visiting with Vic and Millie Mozena , family and friends.  They also attended the River Alumni Reunion. It was Barb’s 50th Class Reunion.

My Train of Thoughts 9/11/14
Written by Staff   
Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:40 AM

It’s almost six o’clock and I’m just  getting started. I’ve got several fish to fry and even moe that will sneak up on me. I mowed until nearly dark last night and with a little luck will get some done today. I’ve been trimming back some of the scrubs and worked on the idea that it’ll help or just make me feel better next spring. My sons and grandsons all have chores of their own but still give me help when I need it.

Another Monroe County Fair has come and gone and, no, we didn’t make it over. Jared and Dylan will soon be loading their animals and heading back home with the results of their efforts from the Belmont County Fair and we didn’t make it there either. The weather and Jim’s health don’t mix.

Last evening and early yesterday morning I worked on moving things out of the beds, cut back the plants and tore out the rocks that I use as borders. From the looks of things the herbs and perennials should make a big splash next year.

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road 9/11/14
Written by Teresa Cook   
Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:39 AM

Often in my travels along the bumpy road I have come upon a diversion that has required a commitment.  My little friend Tigger is one such bump.  When I arrived at work one morning in the early part of the summer, I was greeted by a cardboard box with a meowing yellow striped kitten inside and four concerned ladies looking down.   My friends had discovered that he was a boy kitten and had fed and watered him.  Being an animal lover myself, I said “Awe!  How cute! What is wrong with the paw?”  No one seemed to know.  The little guy just appeared at the door that morning.  My first mistake was picking up the little bundle of fur which immediately started purring back at me.  Upon further inspection, it looked as if something was broken or dislocated in his left front paw.  No one seemed to know what to do with the little guy except to take him to a shelter.  (All but one of these gals had several cats residing at their houses.) Knowing what might happen to a kitten with a medical issue, sympathetic me said, “I’ll take him home with me after a trip to the vet.”  The little guy seemed to like me, so why not take him home?  The words tumbled out of my lips before I could stop myself.

At the end of the day little Tigger and I went to the vet.  Diagnosis: maybe a dislocated shoulder, maybe he was born that way or had met with an accident.  Otherwise, he was pretty healthy just small, weighing in at 1 pound.  The vet’s advice was to take him home give him an antibiotic for the scrapes on his paw and watch him for a couple of weeks.  He was given a shot, worm medicine, a free bag of food, and off we went to his new home on the hill.

A better name for the little guy might be Clumsy because he looks really funny as he walks, jumps and runs around with a bum paw.  It really doesn’t slow him down much. One of the first things I did was teach him to come to me when I shake the jar of kitty treats.  The problem with that is I have taught the other two animals that reside with me to come using the same method.  He learned that trick as quickly as the grumpy old gray cat and my cranky old cocker spaniel.  I have added large bags of animal treats to my grocery list.

Brown's Beacon Beat 9/4/14
Written by Darin Brown, General Manager   
Wednesday, September 03, 2014 3:50 PM

I wouldn’t normally put such an emphasis on a public information article, but I do want to draw everyone’s attention to the article about deer ticks and Lyme disease on page 12. You really should read over the article, which was submitted to us from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, via Ohio State University.

I direct you to the article because I know how much of an issue Lyme disease is becoming in Eastern Ohio because of these ticks. Laura and I know three people directly who have been diagnosed with it this summer, including a six year old boy. All three of them were put on massive doses of antibiotics which can cure the disease if caught in its early stages.

Lyme disease is a serious thing. It can cause arthritic joints, nerve issues, and even serious heart damage. When you think of how many people in this county who live in a rural area, you realize how many of us are at risk from these diseased ticks.

On a happier note, hopefully everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. My parents had a few people over at their house, and I was able to spend time with a couple of my cousins. 

Rinard Mills 9/4/14
Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, September 03, 2014 3:49 PM

The New Mat Red Hat Ladies met Aug. 14, 2014 at Bob’s Place on the Ohio River. Bob and Kathy Eckert were exceptional hosts.

Bob, the chef, and Kathy, related stories of people who have passed through this area on the Ohio: George Washington, Merriwether Lewis and his dog Seamen, who caught squirrels in the Ohio River, Audubon of the beautiful bird pictures.

Kathy did the game, Let’s Make a Deal with much fun choosing and trading. Kathy has doll collections. She will have an exhibit at the Toy and Doll Museum at Marietta.

Bob was our captain as we had a pontoon ride past the islands Mill Creek and Wells, also sighting the bald eagle nest.

Maybell Browne read “Older Ladies”. Diana Evans won the door prize, a doll.

Congrats to Martha Lindsley, first time great-great grandmother. August birthdays, Betty Merckle, Debbie Swallow, Dianna Evans, Sheila Langsdorf. Others enjoying the evening were Nancy Petty. Sherry Kirkbride, Teresa Mercer, Judy Cunningham, Jeri Williams, N.J. Antill. The prayer we have used for grace since 2006 from Guideposts, we found again in 2014 Guideposts. September plans are to tour Henderson Hall and dine at Da Vincis, Williamstown, WV.

Hummingbirds, a time of sadness, when the little hummer hovers at your window saying good-bye; see you next spring.