September 1, 2014

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Local Columnists
Brown's Beacon Beat 8/28/14
Written by Darin Brown, General Manager   
Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:28 AM

Well, another Monroe County Fair is in the books. I didn’t get to attend as much as I would have liked with all the work that needed to be done at the Beacon. I made it out for the animal sales on Thursday. The plan was to take some photos for the paper between sales and during the large animal sales. Well, it started raining, and that plan went out the window.

But, it did work out for the best. I went out Friday for pics. It was a beautiful day, and I had a good time for the couple hours I was there.

I must admit, to my shame, that I had never ever attended the youth pedal pull. I did this year, and I was floored by the crowd. I walked into the Rabbit and Poultry Barn expecting a handful of people. Instead, the place was packed!

It was fun watching the little kids participate. Some were shy, some weren’t. Some went far, others didn’t. One little girl just basically posed on the tractor so her mom could take a picture. Regardless of how they did, every kid I saw participating had a lot of fun. The crowd was great too, cheering them on and encouraging them along. 

Switzer News 8/28/14
Written by Judy Reynolds   
Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:27 AM

The Turner Reunion was held at Sam and Kristie Turners at Senecaville, OH with thirty-one members attending.  Ila Turner, Jim, Julia and Annie Turner from Krebs Hill and Mike, Monica and Dani Turner from West Jefferson, OH attended.

Congratulations to Amy Datkuliak on her new job as a teacher at Powhatan Elementary School.

Rob, Amanda, Michael and Mitchell Smith of St. Clairsville and Chris Smith of Clarington were on vacation to Holden Beach, N.C. They went out to eat and enjoyed the beach while there. Chris got 2 rainforest frogs for pets.

David, Vickie, Adam and Peter Datkuliak of Fayetteville, N.C. were in visiting with Ron, Karen and Levi Datkuliak, family and friends. Adam and Peter stayed with Ron, Karen and Levi while David and Vickie went on a little vacation.

Michael Smith of St. Clairsville, OH was in and visited with Fred and Chris Smith a couple of days.

Darin Baldwin of Columbus, OH was in visiting with Ila Jean Baldwin. While in he attended his class reunion held in Powhatan.

Jessy Smith and Maggie Smith were in for Sunday dinner with their grandparents Fred & Chris Smith.

Josh and Cathy Moore, of Chambersburg, PA, son-in-law and daughter of Gil and Susie Zink visited with their parents and Starling and Linda Zink over the weekend. Heath Moore was a guest, too. Isabelle Moore, Noah and Jonah Zink stayed with Gil and Sue Zink, in their big camper.  All were together Saturday celebrating Gilbert’s birthday, which was Aug. 14th, with a hayride in the afternoon and supper with ice cream cake in the evening at Linda and Starling’s.

My Train of Thoughts 8/28/14
Written by Verylnn   
Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:26 AM

I’ve got a notion that I need to rearrange some of my thoughts and mental lists that I’ve always got roaming through my mind. So, here I go. Instead of stating straight away my thoughts on any given subject, I’m just gonna set back and let myself be impressed and in wonder of what I’ll come up with next. In my case that’s a given. If I think I can hold a thought until I find a pencil, I’ve got a think coming! It’ll be surprising to me if I can stay upside right and allow myself to enjoy the outcome.

It’s five in the morning and both the washer and dryer are busily working away on the laundry. The washer has its own harmony and the dryer follows suit. You’ve gotta give ‘em credit.

We passed the 54 year marker on Aug. 6 and all’s well that can be expected. Trinton, Jared and Dylan, along with Uncle Floyd and cousin Kim, have all passed another year with flying colors and that’s a good thing. 

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road 8/28/14
Written by Teresa Cook   
Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:23 AM

The end of August is here. What happened to the summer? Gone is the smell of cotton candy and caramel corn and the sounds from the truck & tractor pull and the demo derby.  Now that my kids are grown up, I only attend the fair so I can buy and eat fair food.  My niece Lena entered several plates of the bounty from her garden and won several ribbons this year.  She had a huge garden.  I did that a couple of years and won enough prize money to pay for my fair membership pass.  Too bad more folks don’t enter their handy work.  Everyone loves looking at the quilts and needle work.  The prize money is not very much but it is fun to win a blue ribbon at any age.  I used to go to the fair every day with the kids, work in the stands, and just hang out and visit with friends.  I know the disappearance of the grandstand changed the look of the fair this year but maybe there will be a new safer one in its place next year.  It really made the fairgrounds seem smaller to me without that big wooden building in the center of things.  We had pretty good weather for the fair this year as far as weather for the Monroe County Fair goes.

There are lots of moms and dads doing the happy dance; school started this week.  I think many kids are secretly happy even if they say something different.  I tell students every year that I loved school, and that is why I became a teacher so I could keep going every year.  Parents, you can help your child succeed in school by making sure they have their homework finished and in the backpack.  Take time to listen to them, read, or ask about the books they are reading.  Grandparents, you can help even if your grandchild lives several miles away.  I used to read bedtime stories, listen to Katie read, and help with the homework over the phone or by way of Skype on the internet.  Now that Mitchell has an iPad, I know that I can ask about his homework around 3:30 because he will be playing Minecraft on his iPad the minute he gets home from school.  I am still trying to get him interested in ebooks he can read from the internet. 

Brown's Beacon Beat 8/21/14
Written by Darin Brown, General Manager   
Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:50 AM

I don’t have a lot of space this week, so I guess I’ll have to be brief....

The annual Monroe County Fair has started once again, and I was able to attend the parade on Monday night. There was a good crowd attending.

I have heard several complaints about the lack of a grand stand. I miss it too, but I’ll just say one thing: I saw it as it was being torn down. It was awful rotten, more so than I expected.

That being said, it definitely is not a good situation this year, and several vendors have cramped spaces in temporary tents. As anyone who knows me can attest (including a cousin who makes fun of me about it), I am paranoid about lightning. I wouldn’t feel very safe if a storm hit and I was in one of those tents. Hopefully this will be the only year this situation presents itself.