April 20, 2014

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Local Columnists
Rinard Mills 4/17/14
Written by Norma Jean Antill   
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:13 AM

“In Your Easter Bonnet”, love that song; “Easter Parade”. Now for spring flowers as we have had March winds, April showers - so for May flowers!

Two fellows from Rinard Mills area decided to visit Marietta Memorial Hospital on April 2. On the road to recovery are Foster Whitacre and L. Dale Antill.

Emily Paulus of DE visited some days with her mother Wilma Whitacre.

Jeremy and Brian Norsen of Ravenna visited grandpa Charles Scott.

Golfing in March at Pinehurst, NC. Mark Yontz and Franklin Dale Antill enjoyed a few golfing days. Huge pine cones were the souvenir for NJ.

How romantic, an elopement across the state line. Congrats on 60th wedding anniversary April 19 to Foster and Wilma Anderson Whitacre.

"Around the Table" Talk 4/17/14
Written by Becky Highman   
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:13 AM

Good morning Beacon readers and a very happy  early Easter to all.

I looked outside as I began composing my column for this week. I think of all the Easters in the past; some with beautiful weather and some with snow. I remember one Easter that there was a large snow  here on “C” Ridge (Conner Ridge). We  didn’t make it to Sunrise Services or even to church, and by noon the snow was all gone. I could hardly believe my eyes, but it really did happen.

This time of the year we think of spring flowers, tulips, daffodils , crocus and forsythia that bloom and tell us spring is finally here. Then we think of Easter egg hunts. I was talking to a man I used to go to school with at Wayne school down here on the creek. We used to have Easter egg hunts, and Wiley and Roxie Weddle would supply the duck eggs; the ones who got a duck egg got a bigger prize. Every year I can remember Preston Koehler would get the eggs. Our teacher, George Devore, along with Ike Shafer would take them down along the creek bank and hide the eggs. The girls would be afraid to put their hands back in a hole in the bank of the creek to see if there was an egg back in there; the boys were not scared and they were the ones who always got the bigger prize. That was okay with me because I always was afraid of a snake or turtle and really didn’t want to lose a finger or part of a hand. We would get all kinds of prizes: pencils, erasers, cookies and candy as our prizes and so proud of what we got. I can remember many years my mom would come down and help  hide the eggs with George and Ike. She would  just happen to bring a big basket full of her favorite brown sugar cookies. She would decorate them with bright colored icing: yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. After we were done hunting the eggs, we would all get to eat cookies and drink either milk or Kool-aid. To us, those were the days of fun and making memories, and that is what we have now, memories. 

Switzer News 4/10/14
Written by Judy Reynolds   
Wednesday, April 09, 2014 2:18 PM

Ray and Lena Fankhauser were at Henry Fankhauser’s for a birthday lunch for Maranda Fankhauser and Alex Fankhauser on March 29.

An all-day horse show was held March 29 at Reality Farms Arena in New Concord, Ohio.  Three young ladies from the local area were very competitive, that being Seona Kernen, Breeane Gallagher, and Amber (Baumberger) Schafer.  Family members attended and enjoyed the start of another show season.

Congratulations to Aaron and Kayla Fankhauser on the birth of their son, Bentley Richard Fankhauser.  Proud grandparents are Richard and Jeannie Fankhauser and Jeff and Darlene Price. Proud great-grandparents are Ray and Lena Fankhauser. Bentley weighed in at 7 lb. 3 oz. He was born April 2, the day before great-grandma Lena’s birthday.

Congratulations to Jacob and Kelsie Schmidt of Spotsylvania, VA, on the birth of their son, Brayden Michael Schmidt.  Proud grandparents are Tim and Kathy Tisher and proud great-grandmother is Orphie Meyer of Hannibal, OH, formerly of Boltz Hill.  Brayden weighed in at 8 lb. 11 oz. and was 20 inches long; he was born April 3.

Congratulations to Alex Fankhauser and the members of quiz bowl team from River High School who were winners of Mindworks Competition at Paden City. Alex is the son of Henry and Amity Fankhauser and grandson of Ray and Lena Fankhauser and Elizabeth Stauffer. 

Along the Winding Roads 4/10/14
Written by Martha Ackerman   
Wednesday, April 09, 2014 2:17 PM

Good day to all! I guess if you have been reading my column the second week of each month, you know what I am going to talk about first. Yes, Doug, Kristyn, Kaelyn and Luke’s visit. It had been over a year since we had seen this little family and we loved spending the week visiting with them. Kaelyn, now five, and Luke, three, have grown so much. Each morning I was awakened with a little voice (Kaelyn) saying, “I love you, Grandma.” You grandparents know how wonderful that is to hear. Luke is not the morning person; Kaelyn is. She jumps out of bed and immediately wants to play or do crafts. We did a lot of both.

A typical boy, Luke likes his trucks and playing construction. Fred gave Luke a tractor and trailer he had made a number of years ago. It has a sign “Ackerman Trucking Service” on it and Luke loves it. It was one thing he wanted to take home, but unfortunately, Doug didn’t have room for it. Yes, it is pretty big and heavily loaded with wooden logs. We will be taking that to him when we visit. Yes, the first part of June we will be traveling to Dover, Delaware, for Luke’s fourth birthday, the first one we will be able to attend. He has celebrated the first three in Hawaii and, unfortunately, travel there is very expensive, so we have missed the kids’ birthdays since they have been across the Pacific.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative during their visit but we did go to Cabella’s where the kids liked looking at all the fish and wildlife. They especially liked the jungle display. It was a fun day. Kaelyn and Luke also enjoyed the snow. There was just enough to do a little sleigh riding.  There were a couple warm days when we played ball in the back yard and driveway. Luke is quite the slugger.

While Doug and family were here, we had several get together dinners with Fred, Kim, Haleigh and Ryan which was doubly fun. Then Doug’s boyhood friend, Steve Kirkland, came to visit with his wife Anne and son Carson. Doug and Steve have been friends since they were babies. Doug is Carson’s godfather and Steve is Kaelyn’s. The kids played great together and the adults had a great time catching up.

By the time you read this, Doug will have reported to work at Dover Air Force Base and Kristyn will be trying to get their new home on base set up. Hopefully, their furniture and household goods will be arriving soon.

While we were in Arkansas, which I told you about last time, we drove down to Hot Springs and on to Garvin Gardens. It is such a beautiful place, but the flowers and trees were just beginning to come out. The daffodils were very pretty, but I bet right now that place is beautiful with the hundreds of tulips, flowering shrubs and trees. Kayden enjoyed the trails and waterfalls, but he sure liked walking instead of riding in the stroller. If Chante` hadn’t been holding him tightly, he would have walked right into the koi pond. He really enjoyed watching the fish.  I would like to make a return trip next spring.

My Train of Thoughts 4/10/14
Written by Verylnn   
Wednesday, April 09, 2014 2:12 PM

It’s still trying to make up its mind, weatherwise, to rain or let the sunshine in. I guess we’ll not have much to do with the outcome, so let’s sit and have a cup of tea and be glad if it doesn’t turn into snow!

A couple of weeks ago I called and requested a catalog from Lehman’s. It is filled with all sorts of stuff, but I found the prices so high that I’ll probably end up just leafing through it once in a while. I’m rolling a couple of ideas around in my head, but that may be as far as I get. Savvy?

The 19th of April is the date set for the consignment sale down on Captina Creek. I hope to make the effort to drag home what Jim thinks would or should be buried “on site”! We’ll see.

I don’t get very far from “Yesteryear” and our house. Jim has health problems and I’ve just pretty much made our nest and try to keep it comfy. Today, if I don’t get rained out or change my plans, I want to get outside and see what I can get into. Let’s hope it’ll be a surprise, good or not so good.