Table Talk

“Around the Table” Talk 1/19/17

Hello, “Table Talk” friends. Hope you are all having a great week filled with lots of laughter. Someone told me just the other day to begin my day with a prayer followed with something funny to think about to make me smile or laugh. Laughter was always a good medicine for all ages. There is nothing more pleasant than to hear a child giggle at something.

“Around the Table” Talk 12/22/16

Good day to all my Table Talk friends and neighbors. I hope you have had a good week. This being the week of Christmas, there is a lot hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I am just taking a deep breath, and sighing and telling myself that all will get done and everything will be in order by the time it is supposed to be done.

Around the table talk 11/24/16

Well, here we are again another week, another time to pull out a chair, pour your favorite beverage and let’s have a chat. Hope all is going well at your home. I am still taking therapy; it has been six weeks this week since I had my total knee replacement and I think I am doing well, thanks to my fantastic therapist.