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Piatt resigns as County Dog Warden

Nearly one year ago, Monroe County Humane Office Ronda Piatt was excited to have found a much needed home for a new county animal shelter.

Now, whenever it does see completion, Piatt won’t be managing the facility.

Piatt submitted a letter of resignation from her positions as humane officer and dog warden, which was accepted during the Monroe County Commissioners’ regular meeting Monday, May 13.

In her letter, Piatt said she leaves her position of 23 years “with a heavy heart.”

“I gave my all to provide quality care to the homeless animals of Monroe County, as well as animals in need” the letter read, “all while working under extremely poor working conditions, dilapidated facilities and no, or very few, resources and or support from the community.”

Piatt went on to cite incidents over the past year and constant criticism from a variety of individuals, mainly online, with playing a part in her decision.

There was more than one occasion in 2018 when commissioners’ meetings turned into yelling matches regarding the dog pound and Piatt.

In addition, at the beginning of the year, the commissioners approved a motion to transfer control of the dog pound to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, only for Monroe County Sheriff Charles Black back out on the agreement.

“This should come as no surprise to you (the Monroe County Commissioners) considering the events and actions of the past year in which I experienced daily attacks from social media and other entities on my character and job performance, and a loss of confidence in leadership,” Piatt’s letter read. “This has taken a great toll on me physically and mentally to the point (that) I no longer feel it is in my, or my family’s, best interest to remain.”

Piatt went on to relate some of her accomplishments, such as raising funds for a new animal shelter and securing other grants, which she claims were in vain.

“After I gave 110 percent to acquire grants and funding for a new animal shelter… that would benefit the entire county (the project was) stalled and remained at a standstill,” Piatt’s letter read. “I feel my efforts and hard work are no longer appreciated.”

The combination of all the negatives ended up outweighing the positives, so Piatt chose to resign.

“I have tolerated all the negativity that I can bear and I feel my efforts and energy can be better utilized and appreciated elsewhere,” Piatt’s letter read. “I leave you with a caring staff and hope that you will show compassion toward the animals in need and work diligently toward a new animal shelter… to benefit our community.”

The commissioners said they were not surprised by Piatt’s resignation.

Their immediate plan was to increase the hours of current employees at the dog pound and to utilize the assistance of volunteers from Crossed Paws Animal Shelter while the county searches for an interim dog warden.

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