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Woodsfield Mayor Michael Cox announces his resignation

Michael Cox has worked for the residents of Woodsfield for years.

He started as a worker at the electric plant. In later years he served on the village’s Board of Public Affairs and member of village council.

For just over three years, Cox has served as Woodsfield’s mayor.

As of Feb. 28, Cox’s time as a public servant will come to an end, at least for now.

Cox announced his resignation Monday, Feb. 4 during Woodsfield’s Village Council meeting.

The primary reason was due to a change in employment. His new job will require more hours, which left him less time to devote to the office.
“It’s hard to leave,” Cox said. “With my wife, I discussed how to make everything work and still have quality time with my children. I had to give up something. I’m giving up this.”

Cox said it was his honor to serve in various capacities for the village.

He felt many things were accomplished during his time with the village, though some of those things might not be apparent to the public.

“I think we’ve accomplished a lot,” Cox said. “Some people don’t see that. Some people do.”

Regardless of what hat he was wearing at the time, Cox felt there were no accomplishments that were solely his doing.

In every aspect, he regarded all successes as achievements made possible by everyone involved, from the village workers to members of village council.

“Everything we’ve done we’ve done it as a team,” Cox said. “It’s not what I did, it’s what we did. And we accomplished things. We have a very exceptional staff.”

Cox said there were times he would have had more reservations about leaving, but with the new hiring of Village Administrator Kevin Brooks, he felt the village was in good hands going forward.

“When no one was in that seat (the administrator position), it’s hard to make it function,” Cox said. “But knowing that Mr. Brooks is sitting there…I think you’ll see things run a lot smoother.”

With Cox’s resignation, Council President Dale English will assume to the duties of the mayor through the end of Cox’s term, which will be at the end of the year.

The voters will decide the next mayor in the November election.

During the 10 months that English serves as mayor, council will operate with five members.

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