Brown's Beat

Brown's Beacon Beat 9/24/15

Since we didn’t have room for my column last week, I missed out on mentioning something. Last weekend, I had two events I could’ve attended. Since we don’t have a lot from some of our more rural areas in the county, I decided to cover the Lamping Homestead event on Saturday, Sept. 12. This meant I missed the Sardis Fall Festival. 

Brown's Beacon Beat 9/10/15

There is something I’ve wanted to write about the past few weeks, and I kept forgetting. Did anyone hear about the Homeowners Association (HOA) in Missouri threatening to take legal action that could lead to jail time against a family for having a purple playset? 

Brown's Beacon Beat 8/27/15

  I can’t believe it’s fair week already. It’s a lot different now than when I was younger. Back then, I loved the fair because I could come and go as I pleased, other than the times I was showing my rabbits. Now, when I have to go out for certain events for the newspaper during a work day, it can be stressful at times (i.e. Monday!).