Bumpy Road

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road 4/27/17

The drive along my bumpy road is dotted with white this week. The frigid cold snap in March affected many of the spring flowering plants. I was afraid the cold had taken a bite out of the wild dogwood trees behind my house and along the township road. Not to worry! The dogwood are spectacular again this year. Mother Nature did not disappoint this season.

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road 4/13/17

Mother Nature, your green is showing! After coming in like a lion, March has slipped away quietly with a pitter patter of raindrops and deciduous trees sprouting buds which will soon become shade from the summer sun. This morning I sat at my kitchen table drinking coffee and watching the sun pop its head over the horizon. God paints the best pictures.

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road 3/23/17

March 20th through March 24th is Spring Break for most of the schools in the Franklin County Ohio area. Guess who is spending a few days visiting their grandparents while other classmates get to jet off to a warmer area? My grandkids are getting to spend a few days communing with nature at the top of the bumpy road.