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Hello, everyone! Happy spring from our home on the Ridge to yours. It is a beautiful spring day. We woke up to the most beautiful sun peeking through the trees telling us it is going to be a great day. I hope all is well at your home and everyone is in good health. I hope you and your family survived the flash flood we just had this past weekend. I was coming from Woodsfield doing some errands and I told Paul I don’t think I ever drove in such a heavy rain. I have always lived on a ridge where the water is not a problem, unless a culvert gets plugged up or a ditch washes out. But our back yard looked like a lake! It rained so hard it came down our little bank and settled by our basement door. I have to admit I was a little scared. Many folks sustained some damage, but we are so thankful that everyone was safe.

Switzer & Area News

Fred Anderson participated in the HEAVY EQUIPMENT portion of SKILLS USA on April 30 in Miamisburg. Lamar Anderson attended the Ohio FFA Convention in Columbus, on May 5 and 6. Fred and Lamar are the sons of Jay and Beverly Anderson, and grandsons of Gary and Marjory Baumberger and Helen Anderson.

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Thoughts from the Bumpy Road

As I sit here at my computer today the sky is gray, cloudy, and the wind is making the screens in my windows rattle. We are supposed to be having a spring storm sometime this evening. Sure hope it doesn’t wash away all of the fine work my Township Trustees completed this week on the Bumpy Road. Past spring/summer/fall storms started digging a huge ditch between the road and my driveway. Someone was telling us there needed to be a culvert placed there because every time it rained it was washing huge ruts in the township road as the water poured down the hill. Part of the digging was taken care of by the elements. Mike and his trusty backhoe took care of the rest. Not only is this fix taking care of the township highway, it’s taking care of a big bump, and I still find myself slowing down before I reach that part of the Bumpy Road. For a while anyway :-) Thanks, Fellows! My mail person is also very grateful that the road is fixed. She has really had to deal with a huge dip every time she puts something in my mailbox. I’m sure the repair will hold nicely when tested by the next strong spring storm this week.