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Rinard Mills

Thinking Christmas in July. The poinsettia blooms every July in my flower garden. It is a perennial, returning every year more prosperous then the year before, has leaves like playing cards. I share, yes!

Switzer & Area News

Mike and Monica Turner, of West Jefferson, were in visiting with Ila Turner and family for the July 4 weekend. While in the county, they attended Mike’s 45th River High School Class Reunion held at Undo’s Restaurant in St. Clairsville.

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Hello, Table Talk friends and neighbors. I hope all is well at your home and that everyone is healthy and beginning to enjoy the summer.


As has been mentioned so often in this column and is known to many caregivers, family members and friends, the onset of Alzheimer’s/dementia in an individual begins to change relationships between individuals living with the disease and those around them. The transition and ongoing process can be difficult. The Alzheimer’s Association offers some valuable information on its website alz. org, which may help children and grandchildren as well as friends become accustomed to the “’new normal.’”