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Thoughts from the Bumpy Road

People, wash your hands! With the coronavirus flu virus spreading worldwide, this advice is very important to your health. The news this morning reported several cases in the United States. Don’t worry, Linda Masters from the Monroe County Health Department is well aware and helping us take precautions. Major television news medical advisors have given us the following advice: Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. (Sing the Happy Birthday song while you wash.) Use hand sanitizer if you aren’t able to use soap and water. Don’t touch your face, nose, or eyes with your hands unless they are clean. And for Heaven’s sake, follow your mother’s advice and keep those fingers out of your mouth. Stay home if you are sick and go to the doctor.


One day while in the coal mine, we were forced to evacuate due to a mine fire. Later, we learned that a track haulage motor while carrying a piece of equipment had gotten caught against a piece of live trolley wire. The trolley breaker had been bypassed and the trolley wire started arcing and since the breaker didn’t cut the power, it caught the coal on fire. No one was hurt other than some smoke inhalation.

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

Just so you know, I’m writing this on Pancake Tuesday. On this day before Ash Wednesday, also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, it was traditional for churches where I grew up to host pancake and sausage breakfasts. But as a child, I didn’t understand the connection. We had pancakes for breakfast all the time. So I didn’t know we were supposed to use up eggs and butter before the Lenten fast.

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Table Talk

Hello, everyone. I have my cup of tea and am ready to start our visit around my table. I hope all is well at your home and you have your favorite cup of beverage do we can begin our Table Talk. My favorite cup of tea tonight is Constant Comment. I love to smell this tea; it makes me feel good just by smelling the tea. It has a lot of sweet spices in it, along with orange rind and black tea. If you have never had any and really would like a different tasting tea that also smells good, I highly recommend this tea. It is made by The Bigelow Family. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Switzer & Area News

I just have to answer Teresa Cook’s question on cleaning. My thing while cleaning one place is that I find something that goes in another room. Then, when I go in there, I start doing things in that room and not going back to the other room. What a vicious circle of cleaning or actually, not cleaning.

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Caregivers Corner

One of the perplexing problems caregivers of those affected by Alzheimer’s/Dementia may face is trying to convince these individuals to bathe or shower. Those needing care may often resist or refuse. This may frustrate or disturb the caregiver because this behavior can’t be understood by the caregiver. Chances are this was never the case with these individuals; why now? Whatever the answer, bathing or showering must be done. The following comes from “5 Tips for Getting a Person Living With Dementia to Take a Shower” by Bob DeMarco and the www. Alzheimerreadingroom. com and may supply some help and answers to caregivers: