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A Second Look

45 Years Ago The Ormet Corporation’s Rectifier Station, the department where employees have power at their fingertips, has set a safety mark of 15 years without a lost time accident…Ormet


Hello. I don’t want to say good morning, I don’t want to say good afternoon and I don’t want to say good evening. I just want to tell you, whatever


One of the perplexing problems caregivers of those affected by Alzheimer’s/Dementia may face is trying to convince these individuals to bathe or shower. Those needing care may often resist or

A Second Look

45 Years Ago Two Monroe County athletes, Stephen Lamar Loveday, of Woodsfield, senior at Woodsfield High school, and Paul Allen Kanzigg, of Beallsville, senior at Beallsville High School, have been

Rinard Mills

Buzzards or turkey vultures? We have been seeing them even in February of this 2019. In Ohio, the small town of Hinckley celebrates the return of the buzzards with people


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