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Good morning from the ridge – that is Conner Ridge where I live, which I call “C Ridge” many times in my writings.

Switzer & Area News

Marjorie Baumberger talked to Mary Schnegg, her sister-in-law, who has moved to Tennessee. Mary and Jim are now living in Monroe County, Tennessee near their daughter and grandson, Dr. Laura Schnegg and son Rhett. Since the area is somewhat rural, Mary reported that things in their area are pretty much as they are here. Jim only goes out for food and supplies. However, they do baby sit their twoyear-old grandson.


Whether individuals suddenly or gradually find themselves in the role of caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, any suggestions to help with daily living are most assuredly welcome. Many online sources provide this information, such as www.alzheimer’sreadingroom. com,, [Alzheimer’s Association] and The following advice for caregivers, “Alzheimer’s and dementia care: Tips for daily tasks” can be found in its entirety at

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Rinard Mills

March 31 left us with a windy, gloomy day. Memories of Wilma Anderson Whitacre phoning me to say, “I’ve been out flying my kite.”

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Thoughts from the Bumpy Road

Celebrating the Easter holiday was a bit different for everyone this year. Usually, I spend time with my church family as well as my personal family. Thanks to my telephone and the computer I was able to talk to many of my church friends and Face Time with my Columbus family. My brothers prefer to communicate through texting over talking on the phone, but I did speak with them as well. I think they are trying to tell me that I can be a bit long winded and tend to drone on and on.