A Second Look 5/17/18

45 Years Ago (1973)

The slogan on this year’s license plates, “Seat Belts Fastened?”, is meant to be a safety reminder to all Ohioans, says Pete O’Grady, director of the Ohio Department of Highway Safety. Buckle up and save lives.

55 Years Ago (1963)

The pool has now received its primer and finish coats of paint. After a one week curing period, it can be filled and the filter system checked out. The next phase of construction is to install all plumbing in the bath house. The State Law will not allow the pool to be placed in operation until proper facilities are installed and approved by a state inspector.

65 Years Ago (1953) 

A legislative proposal introduced by Rep. Van Zandt of Pennsylvania would provide lapel buttons for veterans of the Korean fighting. World War II veterans when discharged from service were given a lapel button commonly referred to as the “Ruptured Duck.”

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