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Local girl wants Monroe County to break out of its shell

“Have you ever wondered who delivers your mail, who the photographers are, who the basketball coaches are, (or) who the ministers are in town?”  asked Khya Griffith her Facebook video titled “People of Monroe County please share!” on Thursday, Dec. 27.  

Griffith feels “People of Monroe County” will help others get to their neighbors in the community 

Griffith has created a small project for the residents of Monroe County.  

In her Facebook video,  Griffith explains who she is, her hobbies and how much she loves to create new things.

Griffith is a  17-year-old senior who loves playing the guitar, piano,  mandolin, ukulele and making music. She has five siblings, of whom she is the oldest.

“I always try to consider a bigger mission in all things I do, much larger than myself,” Griffith said.  

She goes on to explain her new project called “The People of Monroe County.”   

Griffith’s inspiration behind this project was her mom, Kalli Griffith.

Kalli grew up in Woods-field but has spent the last seven years in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Griffiths recently moved back to Woods-field to give their family the small town memories she and her husband, Adam Griffith, both had growing up.  

Khya’s reasoning behind developing this new project is to simply get the people of Monroe County out of their shells and meet new people who may even live right down the road.

Her goals are to help people get to know each other better,  understand life from other’s  shoes, and to grow as a  community.  

“I really just want to be able to give people a platform to share more of their personal lives on,” Khya said.  “Sometimes we take for granted just passing someone on the street and possibly knowing (his or her) name but knowing nothing more than that.”  

Khya wants people to know that they are not alone in their small community.

She wants the residents to be able to feel comfortable enough to wave at each other on the street and offer a  smile knowing that they know the other person in a much better way than before.  Her hopes are for the county residents to create deeper and more  meaningful relationships.  

In her Facebook video, Griffith explains that she wants to create different videos interviewing the public on their beliefs, opinions and anything about them.

Griffith wants to create a public Facebook page and a  YouTube page to post these videos.

She encourages people to message her on Face-book if they are  interested in participating in her project.

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