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Exploring Your Heritage 8/16/18

Native American Ancestry

A speaker on the topic of Native Americans in the Ohio Valley asked his audience how many had American Indian ancestry. More than half of the people in the crowd raised their hands. Some of them were probably correct in their claim, but the majority of them likely based their belief on myth.

Rinard Mills 8/16/18

The fourth annual Fly Festival was held July 28 weekend. Fly is on part of what’s known as “The Long Reach.” The beautiful Ohio River flows from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. George Washington scouted the area in 1770 with the Ohio Company and camped on the Ohio side just above Fly.

Around the table talk 8/16/18

Hello, all. I hope you have had a good week since we talked sitting around our table last time. 

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon looking at our computer and sipping at a glass of fresh iced tea. I like my iced tea straight on the rocks; no sugar, no sweetener, just plain with lemon.

Monroe Theatre News 8/9/18

Evening along the Ohio River bank July 28 at Fly provided the perfect atmosphere for the Monroe Theatre Committee’s showing of the 1954 classic “Creature from the Black Lagoon” as part of the Ohio River Ferryboat Festival. 

The sounds of the night helped add to the movie, which was set on the Amazon River.