Local Columns

Switzer News 6/14/18

On Saturday, May 26, Terri and I, and our cousin Linda Moore of Hendrysburg, Ohio went to visit with Janice Gallagher and her family. Janice was in a nursing-rehab center, Altercare Louisville in Louisville, Ohio, after her treatments for cancer.

Thoughts From the Bumpy Road

Woodsfield I always check what the sign says at the Woodsfield Church of Christ. This week the message said, “Sign is Broken. Come inside to hear the message.” The more I thought about this today, the louder the message. Think about all of the problems that would be solved if we lived according to the messages preached inside our churches. No school shootings.

Rinard Mills 6/7/18

Jericho Cemetery and Perpetual Care Association held the annual meeting May 20, 2018. At 2 p.m. the chitchat hour began with a visit from Grandmother Susannah 1750-1840, as written by Franklin Dye 1916-2015, portrayed by NJ. Old pictures were displayed by David and Bonne Dye Forni and Brenda Antill Mendenhall.