Brown's Beacon Beat 10-30-14

    Some of our more astute readers may have noticed some changes in this week’s Beacon. The name header on page one has changed slightly with a little more color on the lighthouse logo and slightly different fonts. The biggest change to me is that we now put the year the Beacon was established on the front page.
    I always thought it was odd that we had the year established of the paper we had incorporated, The Spirit of Democracy, but not our own. True, it is neat to celebrate how long ago that newspaper was established. However, the Beacon’s 77 years is nothing to scoff at. Now we can wear that proudly each week instead of the only mentioning of it being buried in information on this page.
    Other changes include this page as well, with all the headers having a different font. Overall, though, the paper will look the same with very few changes.
    We didn’t just decide to make these changes without reason. We recently replaced our incredibly outdated computers with new ones. The old ones were truly on their last legs, and I won’t tell the entire story here, but I’ll just say everyone was lucky we were able to get a paper out the last three weeks.
    This is the first week with our new computers being used, and a new program is being used as well. This meant everything had to be built from scratch. Not everything could be exactly the same, hence the changes.
    We’ve had to change a lot of our work habits in our office because of the new software. It has been interesting. We all have been complaining a lot about it. I guess that’s the thing about change... We’ll whine now, but we will be old pros at it in about a month.


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