Rinard Mills 3/16/17

The New Mat Red Hat Ladies met Feb. 9 at the Carroll Senior Center. Di Evane had decorated the hall with the Valentine theme: hearts, flowers, candy. Beautiful. Door prize to Gina Williams, word search prize to NJ Antill, prize by Kathy Eckert. Others attending were Sue Altizer and Judy Dugger. Birthday girls absent were Nancy Petty, Marilyn McGill, and Mazie Dunn. A sympathy card was signed for Rita Early whose son Lex Woods died Feb. 6. On the ill list are Nancy Petty, Martha Lindsley, Jeri Williams, and Maybell Browne. An Ohio Presidents of U.S.A. quiz was held--eight men from Ohio. Can you name them? A reading, “Senior Citizen’s Lament”, caused a few chuckles and moans. Kathy instructed the group in making valentines. It was a fun time. One sample was a quilt pattern with the verse: Our family is like a quilt, stitched with memories, quilted with laughter, and bound by love.

Friendship is like a quilt, sown with care to withstand time and improve with wear.

Congrats to Ilene Ring, Valentine’s granddaughter Brittany Martin, student of the month at Washington State Community College and a senior at Frontier High School.

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