Rinard Mills 6/7/18

Jericho Cemetery and Perpetual Care Association held the annual meeting May 20, 2018. At 2 p.m. the chitchat hour began with a visit from Grandmother Susannah 1750-1840, as written by Franklin Dye 1916-2015, portrayed by NJ. Old pictures were displayed by David and Bonne Dye Forni and Brenda Antill Mendenhall. A talk about Weddles/Clines by Betty Weddle and the mystery story of two young Civil War joiners, Philip and Theodore Cline, by Tammie Antill Rinard were enjoyed. A bulletin board of news of Low Gap Church celebrating 200  years in November, news of our president, 104th birthday of Thelma Ring Cline, a picture of 1912 church members at that time and a list of interesting books to read of early history were presented by NJ.

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