“Around the Table” Talk 3/16/17

Good day friends. Time to get a cup of tea, the newspaper, and open it up to Table Talk. We will have a little chat around my dining room table.

I have started my column an hour earlier this evening. Wonder why? Well, this is the weekend to turn up our clocks. So hard to believe it is this time of the year, but as the saying is “spring ahead and fall back”. I just heard the weather forecast and it says we might be getting a few a tad bit of snow. I like snow. I like to see it, I like to watch it, but I don’t like to drive in it. We need snow to help our gardens in the spring, but we haven’t had much to speak of this year.

I was thinking the other day that when I was a little girl in the month of March Dad would plow up a small amount of ground for Mom to plant a few rows of peas and a few hills of potatoes so we could have early peas and potatoes. Oh my, did they taste good with some fresh side fried and some fresh picked dandelions with boiled eggs and vinegar dressing. Fit for a king, as my Grandma Coss used to say. I wonder how many people go out and gather greens. I remember in the beginning of spring going to the backyard with Grandma Love and her big granite dish pan and butcher knife and gathering greens. Grandma would stand and clean the greens and put them through several washings of warm soda water to make sure they were clean enough for us to eat. Then she would put some vinegar and bacon grease in her big cast iron skillet, heat it to a boil, let it cool, and pour over the greens. Oh, was that a good meal. She would serve it with boiled eggs. Grandma said, “This was a good tonic for spring”. She would also have my dad go out and get some sassafras bark and would make sassafras tea, another good spring tonic. We ate greens, drank sassafras tea, and are still here to tell the story. Now I see in the store where we need to drink a green powder to put in water because we need more green in our body. All along Grandma went Nature’s way, and now we are getting our greens out of a can.

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