“Around the Table” Talk 4/20/17

Hello Table Talk friends. I hope you all had a good Easter with lots of good food, laughter, smiles, and fun with family and friends.

This year we had a beautiful Easter day. I can remember several years ago when we woke up early Easter morning to snow on the ground and by noon it was all gone. Today the young people would never believe that we used to have weather like that many years ago.

Did you have deviled eggs for Easter dinner? We did, but as I told my family I will never be able to make deviled eggs to taste like my mom’s but I made them and we ate them and enjoyed them. So many people like eggs today. I love eggs and even Easter eggs, whether they be dark chocolate, light, chocolate, milk chocolate, and this year I even saw rainbow chocolate, bunnies and eggs. I wonder if these kind of eggs have as much protein as a regular egg. Ha!

We colored eggs, drew poke-dots on them, painted flowers on them, made smiley faces, flowers, and then we colored them by dipping them in brilliant colors of orange, pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, and then of course mixed all the colors together and made a ”what ya might call it“ egg. These eggs are so different yet so much fun. We never really know what color to call them. When my Dad was still living he loved to color eggs and he would call the all colors mixed together a tooty-fruity egg. We often laugh about how much Dad enjoyed coloring eggs. When I was a little girl at home I remember my Grandma Love would color Easter eggs with beet juice, onion peels and grape juice. She was very artistic and would make all kinds of designs on the eggs, place them in a basket, and place them in the center of the table. How pretty they were.

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