“Around the Table” Talk 6/15/17

Hello, Table Talk friends and what a beautiful day we all shared today. Just kick off your shoes and put up your feet, make your favorite cup of tea hot or cold and enjoy a visit with me around my dining room table. Today I am having a cup of ginger-lemon tea and it is hot in my cup; I also like this tea cold, too.

Today, we are going to talk about something different. Several people have mistaken me for Terry (Easterling) Cook and I would like to clarify myself. I knew Denny Easterling very well and all of his children, I know his lovely wife Esther, and I was a student at Skyvue High School when Denny (Dennis) taught there. He was a very good teacher, and I respected him till the day he passed from this earth to his heavenly home.

But, several have asked who my dad was. Well, my dad was my idol, my mentor, my guide, the first man ever in my life, my teacher, and yes, even my school bus driver. He was always there for me; no matter what happened in my life my dad was there for me. Maybe he didn’t always agree on the decisions I made, but he tried to help me through them without telling me exactly what to do. Dad was very firm, but, I respected him and I trusted him. I worked with him when he was cutting potatoes for French fries (and by the way my dad made the best French fries ever, just wish I could have some to eat right now.)

My dad would sit after a long day’s work and read me stories before I went to bed. He, along with my mom, would sit beside my bed when I had the measles and keep my fever down by holding a wash cloth on my head that was dipped in soda water to keep me cool when I was burning up. My dad taught me that I was to be humble, and to have a friend you had to be a friend. He taught me that no matter where I was there were always a pair of eyes watching me, and if I ever got a spanking at school I would get another one at home, only harder.

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