Table Talk 9/13/18

Hello, Table Talk friends. Welcome to our table to have a chat and drink a cup of hot tea with me this morning. This is the weekend and it is raining very slowly, not hard at all, but it has rained all night. I think of the rain drops and then I think of us as people. The raindrops are like snowflakes, all different in size and when they hit the yard or splash against the window pane they are all different sizes and shapes.

The raindrops are like us humans, all different sizes, all different shapes, and I’m sure all different personalities. Yes, I do know that raindrops do not have a personality, but if they did I know it would probably be like us humans, all different.

It is hard to believe that school is going into the third week already. As I have said many times, “where does time go,” and we all know the answer, in the past. I hope every one of you students like school this year. I hope you like your teachers and all your friends. This makes for a much better school year for all involved

I remember starting my first year in 1959-1960. Wow! How different the times have become. When I started 1st grade I went to school where all four grades were in the same room with one teacher who taught us and the older 4th grade students helped to take care of us. We made it. We put our lunches together and shared with our friends. In fact, Mom would add as many as six extra cookies in my lunch pail so I could give them to my friends and my friends would do the same to me. We shared, we ate together and we survived.

I remembered a real good friend of mine bringing her baby kitten to school in a brown lunch bag. The kitten must have liked the lunch bag and the bus ride because when we got to school the kitten was still asleep. We didn’t have a phone in school when I started school so no one could come and get the cat. We girls took care of the kitten and she was told not to bring the kitten back to school. Bud Strickling and Harry Bright were our bus drivers and they were great. They had no idea that they were hauling a cat to school until we got on the bus and saw the kitten. I will never forget Bud asking where that came from. He was told he hauled the kitten to school that morning. End of that story.

It is getting close to fall and many fall festivals will be starting up. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Hot cider, pumpkin pie, gourds, pumpkins, fodder shocks, bales of hay, and sunflowers make fall look so festive. The only thing with celebrating fall is what comes after.

Today is cool and crisp; the air feels like fall. We are getting a lot of rain due to the hurricanes today. I am drinking hot Constant Comment tea. It is a flavor mixture of fall spices, with cloves and cinnamon, and other sweet spices. Today we need to sip on a cup that reminds us of the season we are heading toward.

I love soups and stew. I make a big pan of cornbread or cheesy biscuits then add some butter and fresh apple butter. You just can’t make a better lunch. Have you ever tried peanut butter on fresh baked cornbread? Well, it is really delicious, just like putting peanut butter on green fried tomatoes, or on your pancakes. Peanut butter is very good on many things including my favorite graham crackers and hot tea.

I have a very special recipe to all stew lovers.


1 medium size elephant

2 rabbits (optional)



Brown gravy

Cut the elephant in bite size pieces. Add enough brown gravy to cover; add seasonings. Cook over kerosene fire about 4 weeks at 465°. This will serve 3,800 people. If unexpected company arrives, the 2 rabbits may be added. But, do this only in an emergency. Most people don’t like hare in their stew.

Hope you enjoyed a little humor this week. I read it in a magazine this past week that laughter is as good as a dose of medicine. Hope you all got a good laugh, as I did the first time I read this recipe. Enjoy, and pass on to a friend that needs a good laugh.

I would also like to tell Charlie that 465° is a little lower than 35,000°. Sorry for the mistake. To Devon, thank you for the E-mail; I love getting cards, notes and even texts from my readers.

Well, the tea cup is empty and I have drunk two cups as we had our conversation this week. I wish for all to have a great and safe week. I ask you all to place a smile on your face and love in your heart. Both are free and cost just a small amount of time. Remember to count your blessings, name them one by one, I have today. God bless “B”