Monroe Theatre News 8/10/17

Even though the Monroe Theatre may not have been able to look her best on a stormy July afternoon for her appointment with Lauren Burge, historic restoration architect, Ms. Burge confirmed the Monroe Theatre committee’s belief that a restoration of the theatre was definitely within the realm of the possible. Ms. Burge’s firm, Chambers, Murphy & Burge, offers pro bono consultations to groups such as the Monroe Theatre who are working on historic restorations.

On July 10, Ms. Burge toured the theatre for approximately one hour and then met with committee members to discuss the essential first steps and groundwork needed which can greatly enhance funding opportunities. The focus of the committee will be shifting in this direction, for the time being, coupled with fundraising, although work days at the theatre will continue periodically.

In her summary assessment to the group after the tour, she was quite complimentary of the theatre, its Art Deco features and the structure’s soundness. Suggestions in the initial assessment of first steps to be taken included the following:

1. Ms. Burge asked for a scanned digitized copy of the theater’s architectural drawings to which the committee is fortunate enough to have access. This will assist her in preparing a proposal concerning the theater’s restorations.

2. Begin the nomination process of the theatre to the National Register of Historic Places Listing. Structures that are at least 50 years old,

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