Monroe Theatre News 9/13/18

On Sept. 1, the Monroe Theatre Committee entertained its largest movie audience of approximately 80-90 people as part of the Bethel Community Center’s Community Day. The evening included a delicious meal, toe-tapping music, valuable auction items and the Theatre Committee’s feature, “Jack and the Beanstalk,” starring Abbott and Costello. The Monroe Theatre Committee greatly appreciates being asked to participate in this enjoyable event.

This is just one of the movies the Theatre Committee has been providing throughout the county in 2018. The movies have either been free of charge or with an admission of 10 and 15 cents, reminiscent of the prices at the time of the opening of the Theatre in 1939. In some cases, if the movie isn’t a public domain movie or movie requiring no licensing fee, a licensing fee must be paid. At times, Committee volunteers have donated the funds for the $250.00 licensing fees, provided free popcorn, as well as donated door prizes to be drawn at the events. None of the expenses for movie nights have been paid for from Theatre funds. The movies have not been fundraisers, but rather a public relations tool for the renovation project, as well as a way to provide inexpensive family entertainment.

Several Committee volunteers and interested individuals are anxious to continue doing basic, roll-up your sleeves clean-up work. The job list currently is as follows:  sump pump needs tied in to the storm sewer, remaining original Theatre seats plus all hardware need moved upstairs, remove deteriorated plaster on sandstone wall, and general cleaning. If you are interested in lending a hand with any aspect of this historic project, talk to one of the Committee volunteers; there is plenty of work for all. The list of Monroe Theatre volunteers include Walter Kemp,  John and Bess Lusk, C.L. Strahl, Carol Schumacher, Carol Kuhn, Carson Kuhn, Dan Weber, William Moore, Brittany McConaughy, Fawn Price, Jane Williams, Kate Steed, Bill and Connie Crowley, Katrina Paulus, Dennis and Kay Flowers, new volunteers Marcia Haren and Kim Ricer, and Mick and Ashley Schumacher.

The Purchase a Seat program, launched in mid-June of this year, is continuing to show increasing support from the public, both locally and further afield. This program provides an individual(s) an opportunity to purchase a seat in honor or memory of a specific person, organization or whatever the purchaser wishes to designate. The seat then receives a gold inscribed plaque with the appropriate information. Individuals may also choose a particular seat number that contains certain significance, such as birthdate, anniversary, lucky number, etc. The following have purchased seats since the last “Monroe Theatre News” column in August:  Kiwanis (1), Dave and Polly Evans (1), Todd and Diane Ollom (1), Harry and Mary Moore (1), Richard and Marie Yoss (1), Yoss Law Office (1), Joe and Loretta Bates (3), Gary Keevert (1), Sandy Harris (1), American Legion Auxiliary (1), American Legion Post 87 (1), Pandora Neuhart (1), Jim and Sharon Barrows (1), Jim Mahoney (1), Robert Schumacher (1), Cancer Gas Cards (1), Don and Suzanne Pollock (2), Yvonne’s Art and Framing (1), and David and Eileen Cline (1). This tallies, thus far, to $9,800 through the sale of 49 seats. More seats are available. If interested, see the form on the Monroe Theatre Facebook page, call the Schumachers at 740-472-1249, or the Monroe Arts Center at 740-472-4848.

The Monroe Theatre Committee is honored to be named as a memorial designation for the late James Diehl. The Committee greatly appreciates this. As mnay will remember, Diehl’s Clothing Store, located at the corner of East Court and Main, was a nearby business to the Monroe Theatre for many years. The store stood where Subway is currently housed.

October 13, the Monroe Theatre will be participating in the Graysville Community VFD Halloween Party. The Committee will be providing a free movie, popcorn and a chance or two on door prizes. Come and join the other events this group has planned. Once again, the Committee appreciates being asked to be involved.

The next regularly scheduled meeting with be Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Monroe Arts Center, South Paul St., Woodsfield. Come be a part of an interesting journey.