The annual Woodsfield Halloween Parade was held Tuesday, Oct. 31. Prizes were awarded in several categories, such as prettiest, best witch and ugliest.  John and Kyle Robbins won second-place i the ugliest category for their scary clown and prisoner.A square dance was held following the parade and featured some square-dancing scarecrows. Pictured above, Myrtle Smith, back, dances with Bella Isaly and Alli Mullenix.The prize for the Most Original Costume went to 9-year-old ringmaster Zayne Rosnick and his 2-year-old “lion” brother Nolan.The prize for the Best TV/Movie Character went to 2 1/2-year-old Adalyn Maclaury, who dressed as Dorothy along with her cowardly lion, Lucy.The Best Witch Award went to a family of witches, from left to right: Charlee, Leanne and Breena Harper.Two-year-old cupcake Josie Friday, pictured with her father, Justin, won the award for the Prettiest Costume.

Spooks & Scares in Woodsfield Halloween Parade