Chris Mowery, a youth pastor from the Youngstown area, shares the story of Rachel Scott, a young woman who died in the Columbine school shooting, with Monroe Central High School students Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Columbine victim’s legacy challenges county students to rise above hate

A legacy of compassion and kindness that rose from the ashes and lives on in the wake of the worst high school shooting in history, Rachel’s Challenge left an indelible mark on many Monroe Central High School students in a heart-wrenching video and presentation on Wednesday, Nov. 15 with hopes of improving school conduct and morale.

Unfortunately as of Nov. 6, Columbine High School is no longer one of the 10 deadliest shootings in American history. Bullying and hate seem to be such a predominant force in schools today, and even 18 years ago, Columbine was not immune. But upon Rachel Scott’s death as first in the line of fire, memories of her bright light shining in very dark places began to trickle in from students and teachers left in the aftermath.

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