MaryAnn Tomlin, of Jones Court in Woodsfield, shows Mayor Michael Cox some photos from recently flooding at her property. Tomlin and her husband, Charles, were among several residents to address council regarding flooding during Monday’s council meeting in Woodsfield.Woodsfield resident Loren Hartshorn addresses Village Council Monday, Aug. 7 as council members and village officials watch a video showing recently flooding on his property on W. Marietta Street. Hartshorn was the first of three sets of area residents who came to council to voice their concerns about the village’s drainage problems.

Heavy rains bring a flood of concerns to village council

Charles and MaryAnn Tomlin, of Jones Court in Woodsfield, came home to what they described as “a river” after heavy rains soaked the area Friday, Aug. 4.

Charles Tomlin said water was coming down onto his property from adjacent hillsides so quickly it came within two inches of being inside his home.

Water seeped into a building he has on his property, and he and his wife had to wade through water to get inside their home.

“Something has to be done to slow that flow off the main road,” Charles Tomlin told Woodsfield Village Council Monday, Aug. 7, as the Tomlins and other village residents raised their concerns about the village’s drainage issues during council’s regular meeting.

Loren Hartshorn, of W. Marietta Street in Woodsfield, had a similar problem Friday evening.

While Friday’s rain surge was the most recent incident, Hartshorn has had continued problems with water flowing onto his property.

Hartshorn said a main sewer line near his home used to handle all the water in the area.

However, a replacement line was installed, which Hartshorn said,

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