The Bureau of Land Management recently held an online auction selling leasing rights on the Wayne National Forest in Monroe County. Environmental and financial concerns muddy the waters, making it difficult to understand exactly what that means for Monroe County.Pictured above is a map of the Wayne National Forest in Monroe County. The green patches show the pockets of land the forest occupies in the county.

The leasing of Wayne National Forest: What does that mean for Monroe County?

It’s easy to find news regarding the leasing of lands in the Wayne National Forest for drilling.

The news you might find, however, may be slanted one way or another.

Regardless of what side you are on in the discussion, one fact remains true – drilling is eventually coming to the Wayne National Forest.

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hosted an online auction for the rights to the minerals located under the surface of the Wayne National Forest in Monroe County.

That sale was met with a mixture of cheering and disappointment.

Environmental groups, such as the Center of Biological Diversity’s Public Lands Program and the Ohio Environmental Council reacted with dismay, while oil and gas advocates praised the sale as something long overdue.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand the concerns of environmental groups. National parks are specifically created to preserve wildlife areas for future generations.

The only national forest in Ohio, Wayne National Forest was established in the mid-1930s and has expanded several times over the years.

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