A white mare that was rescued from a farm in Woodsfield in December is improving in foster care. The mare was recommended to be euthanized when it was rescued, but is now gaining weight and is able to carry it.An Australian Shepard that was among 20 animals rescued from a Woodsfield farm in December is waiting to be petted at its foster home. The dog is currently available for foster care at the Monroe County Dog Shelter.

Neglected animals improving in foster care

Spring is upon us, a time of renewal and hope.

Such is the case for an elderly white mare and two dogs that were part of a larger group of animals (13 horses and seven dogs) that were rescued from an abusive home last December by Humane Officer Ronda Piatt.

Piatt seized the animals last December from a farm in Woodsfield where they had suffered malnutrition, lack of water, wounds, lice, fleas and worms.

The horses were taken to the humane shelter in Monroe County where they were immediately cared for and examined by Mary Edge of the Woodsfield Veterinary Services. Euthanasia was recommended for an elderly white mare whose knees were extremely swollen and who had difficulty moving.

The dogs were taken to Monroe County Dog Pound.

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