Phone scams preying on area residents

Donna Ault received a call from her “grandson” recently, and she knew something wasn’t right.

The caller said he was her grandson.

“Dustin?” Ault said, wondering if the caller was one of her grandchildren.

The caller said it was indeed Dustin, but Ault wasn’t convinced.

The caller said he was in Mexico and had just suffered an accident that resulted in a broken nose. Apparently, the only remedy was for Ault to send money to the caller.

With red flags flying, Ault hung up the phone and called her son, asking about her grandson, Dustin, and found out he was okay, and not in Mexico at all.

That wasn’t the only call Ault got from her “grandson.”

A few weeks later, she received a second call that followed the same [tran]script as the first. 

In Round 2, the caller gave up in frustration when Ault asked what the caller’s name was.

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