Workers from the Woodsfield Street Department work on a collapsed sewer and roadway on Oaklawn Avenue in Woodsfield Tuesday, Oct. 17.Alex Roth of the state treasurer’s office gives a presentation for Ohio Checkbook during Monday’s Village Council Meeting Monday, Oct. 16.

Road repair costs becoming an issue of concern for village

Woodsfield Administrator Rick Schuerman gave a bleak outlook for the condition of roads in the village and what the village could afford to do about them during the village council meeting Monday, Oct. 16.

“There is road damage throughout our community and we do not have the funds to keep up with it,” Schuerman said.

Schuerman pointed to a damaged section of road near the Rite Aid on North Main Street in Woodsfield. He had received an estimate that set the cost to replace the section of road at $40,000.

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